Fishing for Trophy Lake Trout at Scott Lake Lodge

Fishing for Trophy Lake Trout at Scott Lake Lodge

Imagine yourself in the middle of a pristine wilderness lake on the 60th parallel in northern Saskatchewan or the Northwest Territories.Your guide takes you to his favourite spot, a rocky ledge dropping off into a sandy basin…a favourite spot for summer lake trout to hang out waiting to slurp up Burbot, whitefish or Ciscoes in the cold depths. The guides fish finder has mapped this spot out and tells him when it’s time to drop down. With closely controlled depth and speed you probe the tradition between the rock and sand. All of the sudden the rod doubles over….snagged! Dammit…wait it’s moving! This is the experience fishing for trophy lake trout at Scott Lake Lodge.

Jason Hamilton GM with Big Laker

Giant Lake Trout at Scott Lake Lodge

Lakers in our part of the world grow to trophy size slowly. a half pound or half inch a year in the cold water and short growing season. That 40″ trout could have been an egg on a rocky Scott Lake reef during World War II. These beasts demand respect in how they are handled. Big nets, bump boards, a quick photo and back down they go. The heads and face of big trout have character, it looks like they’ve seen a lot in their lives.

Each season brings a unique time to fish trophy lake trout at Scott Lake Lodge. Spring finds lakers shallow cruising sand, as water temperatures warm into summer they start dropping down into the depths 70 to 120 feet of water. Later August sees trout start a step stair climb shallower, everyday up closer to fall spawning reefs. This is one of the most exciting periods of the year, trout are in a few feet of water…alot of them and can be targeted with fly rods and lighter spinning gear. What a way to close out the season !

Check out the video below by our friends at Rawfish Creative that captures the essence of the hunt for this ancient giants.

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The Season Ahead

The Season Ahead

As promised a month ago, we have been waiting and watching. Carefully. While the Covid news on the US side of the closed border has been a stream of good news with the return to normal life just around the corner, the news from the north is not so good. Canada is in the grip of a third wave of infection that has created their greatest health crisis of the pandemic. Ontario, the most populous province and politically the big dog of the country, is in a tight lock down with their highest positivity rates of the pandemic. Several other provinces are also locked down. There is nothing encouraging to report from the north.


We made a tough call this week. Weighing the best available evidence, we have cancelled Weeks 1-6, our June 14th to July 8th trips. We made that call by weighing the best evidence available on the prospects of the US/Canadian border opening. We are assuming that the current border closure currently in effect until May 21 will be extended to June 21. If the border does open then, we will need a couple of weeks to orchestrate the wide range of logistics required to offer a world class fishing trip. If it’s humanly possible, we will get it done. This has been a fluid, fast moving situation; we don’t want to sabotage your trip on a hunch. We will continue to press for more clarity from governmental officials and report back with any breaking news. Everyone wants to get back on northern waters.


In recent days there have been several fight time changes into the Saskatoon airport. To accommodate guests who are planning on flying into Saskatoon on the same day as the charter flight, we are changing our charter flight departure to Stony Rapids to from 3:30 PM until, 4:30 PM. To keep a margin of safety for our float flights from Stony Rapids to the lodge we cannot extend that time any longer. If you feel your connections are too tight consider arriving, as do roughly half our customers, the night prior to the charter flight. Obviously, there are a lot of balls in the air here. We will do our best to catch them all.

Can we be certain that the border will be open without restrictions by July 8? Absolutely not. We are dealing with uncertainties, but we’re trying to keep options open. Should you book your commercial flights now? Tough call, one we can’t make for you. Most airlines have been generous about offering credits for cancelled flights, but that could change; many of our customers are holding off. We’re short on crystal balls.

We will keep you in the loop whenever we have enough clarity to make decisions. We wish it were different. Our staff will be on salary and on call to arrive on our substantially refurbished island as soon as we get the green lift. All of the Scott Lake team will welcome you with open arms when the time is right.

April Check In 2021

April Check In 2021

It’s that time of year when thoughts (often right in the middle of a meeting) drift to blue water, gentle breezes and of course tight lines. After the year we have all endured, those thoughts are especially persistent.
While there are still a lot of unknowns yet about the 2021 season at Scott, it is clearly OK to start thinking about fishing and to binge some virtual fishing excitement.

Making Lemonade

With the border closed and the Lodge empty, we decided to make some lemonade out of those sour lemons. We brought in a 12-person work crew to revitalize the island infrastructure. It proved to be an extremely productive summer, constructing new buildings and re-staining all 28 log faced buildings on the island. That alone took two people almost the entire summer, but it was worth it. The entire island is refreshed and looks amazing.

Despite it all, last summer was an extremely productive one for improvements around the island.

The New Fly Fisher TV Show

While the border for our US customers was closed last summer, it didn’t matter to the Canadian-based crew of The New Fly Fisher, a video production company that pumps out great fly-fishing shows. We managed to convince the New Fly Fisher team to visit a totally empty Scott Lake (boy, that was a tough sell.)

Led by host Phil Rowley, the crew had all 160,000 acres of Scott and Premier Lakes to themselves and made the best of the opportunity, capturing some dramatic top water pike action and some surprisingly great trout action in mid-summer—all on fly rods. Unlike most “grip and grin” fishing shows, The New Fly Fisher productions teach as well as entertain. Drawing on the talent and expertise of our own Scott guides as well as the film crew, the producers provide detailed descriptions of fish behavior, habitat, presentation methods and of course gear—all fly anglers love to hear about rods, lines and flies.

For the pike sequences the show focuses on top water flies with smashing results. There is nothing in fishing film quite like the slow-mo of a pike engulfing top water flies. For the trout action, Phil shows that lake trout are not just an early or late season activity. With the right lines and techniques even mid-summer lakers can be talked into a dance on the end of an 8wt. Combine the exceptional Scott Lake fishery and guiding with good electronics, tackle and techniques and you’ll put lake trout on the end of your line in any season.

Sit back and enjoy the full 45 minute episode.

It’s the next best thing to being there!

Ask a Guide – They Know What Works

If you’re in the market for new raingear don’t ask your neighbor what he buys and don’t go shopping in southern, sunny cities. If you happen to be in places like Vancouver, Seattle, Minneapolis or Boston, you might find good stuff, but why not just go online and get some guide-tested stuff? 
Scott guides are on the water for 90 days every season, and you can be sure that some of those days will feature a hard, cold rain. They know what works and what doesn’t. As the expression goes: there is no bad weather, just bad gear. Too many guests year after year arrive at the 60th parallel with a thin wind breaker and zero rain pants. Nothing like a soaking wet southern half for the duration of a 10hr day on the water. 
Our crew has some good advice. Looking at the charts below, there is some variance but the trend is clear. Our guys like Simm’s ProDry jacket and bibs the best. An almost equal number of guides like the Cabelas Guidewear line. They offer a lot of models notably the Guidewear Xtreme parka and bibs. For Helly Hanson make sure you shop in the Sailing Collection. Most of their website is just urban wind breakers. The jackets and bibs in the Sailing Collection are the most bombproof, driest and warmest made but like many good things, they are not cheap. 

Keep Calm and Fish On

Whatever happens with the damn border this summer make sure you go fishing somewhere. We will be ready and more than willing to take care of our guests when the time is right. We know the fish are ready!