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So You’re Booked – Now What?

Congratulate Yourself

You have made an excellent choice.  You are in for a one of a kind adventure – the fishing trip of a lifetime.  You will not be disappointed. We can’t show or even adequately describe what makes Scott Lake Lodge unique: a level of personalized service unknown in this industry. With thirty-two staff on site to service a maximum of twenty-four guests, we can handle just about anything. Every detail of your trip will receive our full attention. Scott is an angling community where guides, shore staff and guests share the excitement and serenity of this pristine ecosystem.


Important Links

Pre-Trip Questionnaire

This info is critical to help us prepare for your arrival.  All guests must complete this form.  Online method is best but we can email a hard copy if you prefer.

Adventure Guide

Download our essential guide – perfect for first time guests – with all of the details and lists you need to get ready for your trip to Scott.

A few reminders


Airline Tickets

Reserve your airline tickets early.  Several carriers serve Saskatoon (YXE)


All travelers to Canada require a passport


Luggage is limited to 50 pounds

Don’t Forget

  • Your Scott Lake luggage tags (mailed to you in May)
  • Checkbook (checks are the preferred method of payment for any purchase but we do accept MC/Visa and Discover however no AMEX)
  • Prescription medication (be sure to pack in carry on luggage)
  • Quality rain gear, jacket and pants (review our detailed clothes packing list)
  • Lightweight waterproof boots
  • Swimsuit (for the hot tub or sauna)
  • Waterproof hat for sun or rain
  • Sunscreen – at least 30 SPF 
  • Polarized sunglasses (available at our tackle shop)
  • For early June trips neoprene gloves and warm boots (just in case)
  • Insect repellent – Deet is recommended but no aerosol cans

Phone List

Scott Lake Lodge US office: (888) 830-9525 or (715) 362-7031

Travel Ex (travel agent): (800) 882-0499 or (847) 882-0400

Saskatoon Inn: (800) 667-8789 or (306) 242-1440

Transwest Air: (800) 667-8789

Saskatoon Expediter: Darren Hill (306) 227-4322; Donna Hill (306) 229-3401

Lodge Office Satellite Phone (emergency only): 306-500-4976

Lodge Office email:

Lastly, bring a relaxed attitude.

Remember this is a vacation, not a test of skill or endurance.