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​Given the dynamic circumstances of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that we are concerned about the safety of our customers and staff and will take all advisable steps to ensure a safe season.

We will post new information and updates here as they become available.  Please check back often and do not hesitate to contact the Guest Services office at 888-830-9525 with any questions.

March 27, 2020: The Waiting Game

First, we hope all our customers are enjoying good health during these uncertain times. Certainty is a rare commodity at any time. Right now, it’s precious. There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the 2020 season at Scott Lake Lodge and we are somewhere in the middle of a waiting game. There are still 74 days before our opening day and 162 days before the end of our season. There is a lot of time for Mr. Corona to exit, but we understand that everyone craves something tangible to help plan their summer.

Here’s what we know for sure:

  1. We are planning and preparing for a full and normal fishing season at the lodge. While we are not unaware of all the health and safety issues swirling around us, we are, after all, anglers: we hope every cast will bring a 50-inch pike. We know that all our guests hope to be fishing at Scot this summer. If the world is back to anything close to normal by June 9, our opening day, we will be ready. Right now, some of our most dedicated team members (Jason Hamilton, Paul Hamilton, Greg Hamm and Steve Yanish) are at the lodge. They have unloaded seven tons of materials, got the snowmobiles stuck eight times and are currently diving into the construction of a new cabin and getting the first phases of opening the lodge completed. We will be ready.
  2. Our staff have all continued their commitment to be available for a June opening.
  3. The Canadian border is currently closed on a “temporary basis”.
  4. Whenever we open this year, Scott Lake Lodge will utilize the best medical practices to make sure that this lonely spot on the 60th parallel is as safe as possible. With the nearest community fifty miles away, we have some extreme social distancing potential.

So now, the uncertainties:

  1. We don’t know when the border restrictions will be lifted. It’s reasonable to assume it will not be until after the US infection rates starts to drop. When that will be is anyone’s guess; we have no crystal balls handy. In the unlikely event that the US/Canadian border is still closed by May 20, we will cancel Groups 1 (June 9-13) and 2 (June 14-19) of our 2020 season. On May 30, we will decide about the next two groups and use that procedure every ten days throughout the season, if needed. All cancellations will be communicated person-to-person to our guests as well as being posted on this Guest Portal of our website.
  2. All guests who are cancelled by the lodge will receive a fully paid (including any 2021 price increases) trip for the 2021 season. We will respect and hold the guide/cabin preferences for the 2021 season for all guests cancelled.
  3. If the US/Canadian border is open within ten days of a guest’s scheduled trip, our regular cancellation policy will apply: we will aggressively work to sell customer-cancelled reservations and refund all payments we receive to guests, assuming their trips are fully paid.

In short, we will do everything in our power to provide our anglers a wonderful fishing trip either this season or next. Whatever develops Scott Lake Lodge will be just fine: we are in the fishing business for the long haul.

We thank all our 2020 guests for their patience as this season unfolds.

We will update this page weekly on Friday until full clarity about the season is realized. Please check here first for news and we hope that news will make the above information just a footnote.

In the meantime, stay well, practice social distancing and practice some casting in your backyard. Be ready to fish.


As of March 16, 2020:

  • We are fully aware of the severity of the situation and are taking it very seriously.
  • We are preparing and planning to open our doors on June 9th, still 85 days away. There is a lot of time for the disease to peak and subside as seen in China. We are watching carefully and planning for any contingency.
  • In consultation with medical professionals, we will take all necessary steps to ensure disinfection and safety for guests and staff both on island and in transit.
  • At present our cancellation policy will maintain as per usual. In the unlikely event of travel bans during the season we will make a decision starting June 1, 2020 regarding a special case cancellation policy. We will keep our guests updated and individually contact them should this become necessary.

Important Links

Pre-Trip Questionnaire

This info is critical to help us prepare for your arrival.  All guests must complete this form.  Online method is best but we can email a hard copy if you prefer.

Adventure Guide

Download our essential guide – perfect for first time guests – with all of the details and lists you need to get ready for your trip to Scott.


Tackle Tips

Everything you need to know about stocking your tackle box.

A few reminders


Airline Tickets

Reserve your airline tickets early.  Several carriers serve Saskatoon (YXE)


All travelers to Canada require a passport


Luggage is limited to 50 pounds

Don’t Forget

  • Your Scott Lake luggage tags (mailed to you in May)
  • Checkbook (checks are the preferred method of payment for any purchase but we do accept MC/Visa and Discover however no AMEX)
  • Prescription medication (be sure to pack in carry on luggage)
  • Quality rain gear, jacket and pants (review our detailed clothes packing list)
  • Lightweight waterproof boots
  • Swimsuit (for the hot tub or sauna)
  • Waterproof hat for sun or rain
  • Sunscreen – at least 30 SPF 
  • Polarized sunglasses (available at our tackle shop)
  • For early June trips neoprene gloves and warm boots (just in case)
  • Insect repellent – Deet is recommended but no aerosol cans

Phone List

Scott Lake Lodge US office: (888) 830-9525 or (715) 362-7031

Travel Ex (travel agent): (800) 882-0499 or (847) 882-0400

Saskatoon Inn: (800) 667-8789 or (306) 242-1440

Transwest Air: (800) 667-8789

Saskatoon Expediter: Darren Hill (306) 227-4322; Donna Hill (306) 229-3401

Lodge Office Satellite Phone (emergency only): 306-500-4976

Lodge Office email:

Lastly, bring a relaxed attitude.

Remember this is a vacation, not a test of skill or endurance.