Top 10 Reasons to Choose Scott Lake

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Here is a compilation of the top ten reasons to join us at Scott Lake for an unforgettable fishing experience.

1. The Extraordinary Fishery

The last big thing to happen at Scott Lake was the retreat of the glaciers about 8,000 years ago. Since then, the aquatic eating machines (otherwise known as northern pike and the massive lake trout) have been enjoying the good life in a lake with more than 500 islands and a bottom topography as diverse and interesting as the landscape around the lodge—rocky cliffs and sinewy sand eskers with rocky shorelines dotted with spruce forests. It’s a pure wilderness ecosystem. The pike and trout are eager. Nearly 2,000 trophy pike, trophy lake trout  and trophy arctic grayling are landed each season on Scott or on our fly out lakes and rivers. Scott Lake Lodge and its fly-out system provide the best of all fishing options: great action and trophy fish. Add the thrill of sight fishing in our clear water and you have the complete angling package. And you will not have to endure long, pounding boat rides to experience world-class fishing. Our guides typically have you into fish within 10 minutes of the lodge.

2. Experienced and Professional Guides

We have the best guides in Canada. Period. With an average tenure at Scott of more than 10 years we have a team that knows the water and understands customer needs. They have one objective—your total fishing satisfaction.  It’s taken over 20 years to find and build this team. They have earned the right to be called “Canada’s Best”.

3. Private Water

At Scott you don’t expect to see other anglers. There is enough water to spread people around a massive lake, supplemented by an extensive network of fly out destinations. Expect a powerful experience of rare wilderness solitude.

4. On Site Management
The management team (owner and General Manager) is ready, willing and able to resolve any issues on the spot. There will be no “we’ll get back to you” at Scott. We operate with corporate efficiency but with a family feel.
5. Exceptional Customer Service
With a staff/guest ratio of better than 1:1 we have the capacity to go way beyond traditional fishing lodge service. We like outnumbering customers and we understand how to take care of customers. Over our two decades of building our business, we have recruited and trained people who love their work. It’s why we have a repeat customer booking rate of around 80% year after year. We also know how to take care of guests who are not experienced anglers. There are many activities other than fishing, such as bird watching, hiking a wilderness trail, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or canoeing. It can be a wonderful vacation, even without the world class fishing.
6. Fishing Tackle Provided

You don’t have to lug your rod tubes and gear on the trip. At Scott we offer top quality rods and reels (covering every fishing situation) on a complimentary basis. Break a rod? No problem. No charge. We have plenty. This is a no excuses destination. Our boats, motors, depth finders and everything else we provide will be top quality. Guides even have digital still and video cameras to capture the excitement of your trip. You will leave the lodge with a photographic record of your trip.

7. Private Flyout Opportunities

For two decades, we have explored virtually every large lake within a 100-mile radius. Over 50 lakes have been test fished to select our fly out destinations, all exclusively for Scott Lake Lodge guests. While you don’t need to fly for good fishing, the opportunity to fish a beautiful even more remote lake is a temptation most Scott guests can’t resist. You can be an explorer.

8. First Class Facilities

Even though the nearest paved road is 350 miles away, Scott Lake Lodge is an oasis on comfort in an extremely remote setting. It has it all: private cabins, wood chipped walkways, a main lodge with a commanding view of the lake, a spa, hot tub, sauna and island wide WIFI and so much more. You can bring your best buddy, your wife or your best customer without fear of hearing “why did you bring me here?” Instead you will hear “how did you find this incredible place?

For more information on how to add incredible experiences to incredible fishing, see What to Do When you are not Fishing.

9. Safety First
We are very safety conscious at Scott. Every guide has two-way satellite and FM radio equipment, along with first aid gear and other safety equipment. We also have detailed emergency plans, so you can be confident knowing that should anything go wrong, we’ve got you covered. If something does go wrong you have the comfort of having medical evacuation insurance from Global Rescue as part of your package. We will always have your back.
10. An Honest Package Price

At Scott we strive to be the best fishing lodge in Canada not the least expensive. But you will pay only once. The Scott package is transparent and covers just about everything you will need: private charter flight from Edmonton, Alberta, airport pickups, Global Rescue medical evacuation insurance, complimentary use of top fishing tackle, wine with dinner, soft drinks, hotel in Edmonton on your southbound trip, experienced guides and fine dining.

When I do not want to leave a place, I know it’s very special and that I enjoyed my time there. Scott Lake Lodge has excellent facilities but, more importantly, great people who exhibit knowledge, hospitality and above all passion.
Mike Sackash

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