Arctic Grayling

Thymallus Arcticus

For many Scott guests a trip to the north is not complete without a flyout to catch some artic grayling, a true icon of the far north.

Grayling are delicate, beautiful fish well suited to ultra-light spinning tackle or light (3 to 4 weight) fly rods. The flyouts from Scott are all rivers or short connections between lakes. In these shallow areas there are few if any lake trout or pike, so grayling can survive. There are no grayling in any of the lakes fished through Scott Lake Lodge.

Grayling are spring spawning fish that feed almost entirely on insects. Most of the time grayling are feeding underneath the waters on the larval stage of a bug’s life. Black flies, mosquitoes, caddis flies and stone flies, either on the surface or below, provide most of the protein for grayling but the larger ones will eat small baitfish.

Grayling are great dry-fly fish, especially in warm weather. You do not have to see an insect hatch to fish grayling with dries. Try dry flies first, even with spinning tackle (a small bobber gives enough weight to throw the flies). There is something very special about watching these miniature sailfish raise to a drifting fly. In cold fronts weighted flies may be needed but a grayling caught on light tackle is a wonderful fish caught either above or below the surface.

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Grayling will take two kinds of flies – those that float and those that don’t. Just keep your dries small (8- 14). Adams, Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Humpies, Black Gnat, small hoppers all work well. In a cold front go to nymphs like Pheasant Tail Bead Head. Any dark colored stone fly nymph is a killer as are the standard woolly buggers. Nymphs can be fairly large (6-10). Grayling are active fish found in low “protein” rivers. They look for your fly. This isn’t a match the hatch process. Keep your rod light. Grayling rarely get over 20 inches in these parts. A 3 or 4 weight is perfect. The Lodge has 4 wt rods for grayling as well as “no sweat” waders. On flyouts the Lodge provides all the grayling flies you will need.
Scott Lake Lodge is truly a wonderful vacation. It’s hard to beat the whole package of fishing, food, accommodations, staff and the total outdoor experience.
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