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The Blog

Tune in to the News From the 60th blog to find out what’s happening at the Lodge before, during and after the season.


Follow the official Scott Lake page to be first in line for photos, news, nostalgia, and even a rousing song or two.

Tundra Times

Our daily on-island newspaper. Flyout info, dinner menu and more. Almost as good as being there.


Each day one of the many shots captured in the boat and around the island is nominated to be the one.


Stony Rapids, our floatplane base 50 miles south of the Lodge

Trophy List

Updated weekly, this list includes every trophy fish brought to the boat. Get your stats fix here.


While few people come to Scott just to see wildlife, everyone at Scott appreciates the opportunity to view some of North America’s most rare and exotic species, as well as inspiring common ones.

Reasons to Choose Scott

Here is a compilation of the top ten reasons to join us at Scott Lake for an unforgettable fishing experience.

All About Pike

Like our guides, northern pike have nicknames, many in fact: jackfish, gators, water wolves or tundra sharks.

Clothes List

Nearly everyone over packs for their vacation.  Far northern expeditions seem to amplify this tendency.

Annual Report

Published each fall, our Annual Report chronicles the season, complete with fishnancials and super sizing.

2023 Annual Report


Answers to all of your questions, including some you didn’t even know you had.


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