News from the 60th

Attack of the Giant Lake Trout: Week 14 Fishing Update

THE ATTACK OF THE GIANT TROUTSome groups this season have enjoyed blue skies, warm breezes and gentle, lapping waves. This group wasn’t one of them. There were a few decent days but we had a couple that were total wash outs with fierce north winds....

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And so it begins….The Week 12 Fishing Report

SO IT BEGINS: WEEK 12 UPDATEWe’ve seen this before. The skies get heavy; the first birch leaves start to turn yellow; the ground cover of mosses turn russet and the northern lights fight to get through the clouds. Even though it’s early August, the change...

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Sun, Fun and Fish: The Week 9 Fishing Report

SUN, FUN AND FISHFor our ninth group of the season, the fun in the sun just kept rolling on. Like our last group, they were singing the song of summertime. When anglers make the trek to the 60th parallel, they generally aren’t thinking shorts, sandals and...

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Summer Time and the Livin’s Easy: Week 8 Report

SUMMERTIME: THE LIVIN’ IS EASY“Summertime and the livin’ is easy”In 1957 Ella Fitzgerald first recorded that memorable song. It was only 66 seconds long.  Our Week 8 guests felt that sentiment right to the bone for five blissful days of summer—the perfect...

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Three Part Harmony: Week 7 Update

THREE-PART HARMONY: WEEK 7 UPDATEAs we approach the mid-point of the 2019, the music is changing. For the first six weeks we had one beautiful and loud note—pike. Our other Scott Lake Lodge gamefish (the arctic grayling and the lake trout) were mainly MIA....

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Weather in Stony