News from the 60th

Season Wrap Up 2019

On September 2nd the last of our 2019 guests boarded the float planes and headed south. It was a wrap for the season, and it was another record breaker. Despite less than ideal weather this summer, our anglers hung in there and hung a ton of big fish. We’ve never seen...

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Lights Out: The Last Week of 2019

LIGHTS OUT: THE WEEK 17 UPDATESometimes being last is OK. At least that’s the way it turned out for our final group of the season. They had a “lights out” trip, literally. Many of our guests had expressed interest in seeing the northern lights. Well, the...

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Falling for Fall: The Week 16 Fishing Report

FALLING FOR FALL: WEEK 16 UPDATEWhat makes a great fall fishing trip? There isn’t an app for that, but there is an old school checklist. A fishing trip with no annoying bugs? Check! Some wildlife sightings? Check! Northern lights? Check! An after-dinner...

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Week 15 Arctic Grayling Fest!

AN ARCTIC GRAYLING FEST The artic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) just doesn’t get enough respect! While it’s in the illustrious salmon family with many famous relatives like the Atlantic, King and Coho salmon, grayling don’t get much press; they are...

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Attack of the Giant Lake Trout: Week 14 Fishing Update

THE ATTACK OF THE GIANT TROUTSome groups this season have enjoyed blue skies, warm breezes and gentle, lapping waves. This group wasn’t one of them. There were a few decent days but we had a couple that were total wash outs with fierce north winds....

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And so it begins….The Week 12 Fishing Report

SO IT BEGINS: WEEK 12 UPDATEWe’ve seen this before. The skies get heavy; the first birch leaves start to turn yellow; the ground cover of mosses turn russet and the northern lights fight to get through the clouds. Even though it’s early August, the change...

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A Tale of Two Summers: Mid-Season Update

For fifty days now, Scott Lake Lodge guests have been jumping in boats and floatplanes in quest of northern pike, lake trout and arctic grayling. Most have been quite successful, but it’s been a tale of two summers over those 50 days There was the idyllic blue sky,...

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Weather in Stony