World Class Trophy Fishing Trip

Three is just the right number

Unlike many lakes where you have to choose either good action or trophy size, Scott Lake offers both. It’s not uncommon here to land 50 to 100 fish a day for a single boat, and we’ve had more than a few with well over 100 fish in a day. Its not uncommon to get multiple trophies in a day. A Canada fishing trip just doesn’t get much better anywhere in the world.

At Scott there are often five-day fishing trips that produce as many huge fish as several other Canadian fishing lodges land in an entire season. At Scott you don’t have to spend hours getting to the fish. In fact, a number of the best lake trout spots on Scott Lake are within sight of the Lodge. We’ve had a 46″ trout and a 50″ pike caught within a 15 minute boat ride from our dock. With Scott and Premier lake (connected to Scott) you can fish 200,000 acres of private water and follow over 500 miles of shoreline. That is a lot of room to roam. Typically you will spend 6 to 8 hours actually fishing not cruising around the lake. Unlike many Canadian fishing lodges, there are no two-hour boat rides to get to the right spot. So, what are the fish that you will be catching on your Scott Lake Lodge fishing vacation? It’s a simple ecosystem in the far north. We offer just three gamefish, but with our size and numbers three is just the right number.

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Scott Lake Lodge is far superior to any lodge I’ve been to in Canada. Fishing quality is the best.
Woody Reichert

Northern Pike

With light spots over a dark background and a brilliant green to olive-green dorsal area, the northern pike is a striking fish (pun intended). A voracious predator, pike are well known to attack almost anything alive, including small muskrats, ducklings, loon chicks, mice and nearly any smaller fish in the lake.

Lake Trout

The lake trout really isn’t a trout at all. Technically it’s a char, like the arctic char, Dolly Varden or brook trout. But what’s in a name. The laker is a remarkable game fish, probably the hardest fighting of all freshwater fish, including peacock bass and tiger fish.

Arctic Grayling

For many Scott guests a trip to the north is not complete without a flyout to catch some artic grayling, a true icon of the far north. Grayling are delicate, beautiful fish well suited to ultra-light spinning tackle or light (3 to 4 weight) fly rods.

Trophy fish are common at Scott

Every year our guests land around two thousand trophy fish, an average of five trophies per five-day Canada fishing trip.


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