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    The Northern Pike Experience

    Northern Pike Experience

    Fishing for Northern Pike at Scott lake Lodge can be a short boat ride on the main lake, within sight of the lodge, or the more adventurous can test the waters of our fly out lakes with a ride in a float plane, one of the authentic experiences of being in the north. There are a lot of choices for Pike fly out lakes and many of them also offer Lake Trout and some are within reach of the river inflows famous for Grayling fishing. Combination days are a frequent choice and switching between casting for Pike and working deeper for Lake Trout is a short boat ride away.

    Creating Pike Addicts

    Now let’s get serious about Northern Pike.  If you want that aggressive head shaking fight with a living torpedo then get a firm grip on that rod and set yourself for a battle. Pike will attack anything that looks like food with a violent rush and grab technique and then the thrashing begins.  Many of our first time clients have spent a lifetime dreaming of catching a twenty pound Northern Pike. Here at Scott fulfilling that dream is always just a cast away. A twenty pound pike (a 42-44” fish in Scott’s waters) is not just a dream, it is a recurring reality. At Scott the sight of a Pike nearly 4 feet long is a daily deal, hundreds of times each season. At Scott we are guilty of helping to create a lot of Pike addicts.

    Pike on the Fly

    If you fly fish, you know that everything is amplified by the line and the 9′ rod.  A three pound fish on a spin cast rod and reel feels like more than twice that on a fly rod.  Now imagine the sensation of an angry 20 pound pike bound and determined to shake the rod from your hands.  Be prepared, when Pike get close to the boat, they usually take a run to safety and that means its time for your reel to “ZIIIIIINNNNNG” with the pull of the heavy fish.

    See the Fly Fishing Experience.

    Choose Your Fishing Experience

    At Scott Lake Lodge we have a wide range of world class fishing experiences, not just our world famous Northern Pike Fishing Canada experience. (See also The Lake Trout Experience, The Fly Fishing Experience, The Arctic Grayling Experience.) We are proud to offer you the choice of making the experience yours by choosing your schedule and your destinations. Perhaps you are looking to knock a few items off your bucket list by landing a trophy Northern Pike or trophy Lake Trout. Perhaps you are a die hard fly fishing enthusiast and you want to target all three main species on your fly rod. Perhaps you are after the triple crown trophy experience, a trophy of each of our three main species. We have put together our Scott Lake Lodge Experience Packages with pre-built agenda and destinations. These are the starting points, a healthy suggestion of how to follow your passions while at Scott Lake Lodge. Now we want you to take our suggestions and make the plan, the experience, your own. We encourage you to begin with one of our Experiences, talk with your fishing guide, and craft your own truly memorable fishing adventure and experience at Scott Lake Lodge.


    Ivanhoe has always been the Pike lake by which we measure the rest: it’s our gold standard. It is a big lake though, you will not see more than half of the lake in a full day. The action is usually fast. It has not produced our largest Northern Pike, but it consistently produces a lot of trophies. It has great shallow bays for early season and lots of cabbage beds for mid to late season. Ivanhoe is probably our most photogenic lake with lots of interesting topography and a beautiful waterfall at the south end. It’s simply the best.

    Northern Pike Lake Fishing Saskatchewan


    Smalltree has produced a tremendous number of trophy Northern Pike and many memorable trophy days over the past decade or so. It has become for many of our guides the “go to” lake for trophy Pike. Like any lake, it can have a slow day but it’s rare here. Smalltree is blessed with an abundance of cabbage and other aquatic vegetation that concentrate Pike. Early season finds Pike at Smalltree in literally inches of water.  There have been many Trophy Triple days here and even some 100+Club days—a “Done-in-One” experience. Smalltree is the most northerly of any of our flyouts; a 45-minute tour in the Otter takes you to the land of “small trees” and a hint of true tundra. It’s been a Scott Lake Classic for many years. A lake that just keeps giving.

    Northern Pike Fishing Saskatchewan


    After just three seasons, Flett has become a Scott Lake Lodge legend. Flett put on a hell of a show in 2016, its first season, coughing up more trophy Northern Pike than any lake in our history. Last season it continued to produce many of our largest Pike. Big fish or lots of smaller fish, Flett is a memorable fishing experience.  It is definitely a long flight but worth it.

    Northern Pike Fishing Saskatchewan


    Maybe you remember seeing the fat 51” Northern Pike in the four-page photo spread of mega Pike in last season’s Annual Report. That was a Wholdaia fish as well as many others on those pages. Wholdaia is a monster of a lake with monster fish. New in 2016 it immediately produced some very heavy Pike. It is part of the famed Dubawnt River system and is so large it took all of 2016 and a chunk of 2017 to fish even half of it. After our third season we are getting a handle on this lake. This year we will have five boats there so we can really cover the lake. It could well become our crown jewel in a collection of amazing gems. It is vast with so many bays and arms that getting an accurate size estimation is almost impossible, but it makes Scott or even Selwyn feel small. This lake is a winner for Pike.

    Northern Pike Lake Fishing Saskatchewan


    A huge lake, rivaling Scott Lake in size and complexity, Ingalls was a new lake back in 2013 and was sensational for Northern Pike from the first day. It has kept producing fantastic fishing for five more seasons. There just don’t seem to be many slow days on Ingalls. There are many stories of a Pike way beyond 50 inches: seen but not yet caught. Maybe this is the season and you’re the angler.

    Northern Pike Lake Fishing Saskatchewan

    Some of our Favorite Northern Pike Pics