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    The Lake Trout Experience

    The Lake trout Experience

    Your heavy weight rod is firmly gripped in your hands, the bait tipped lure dangling roughly 40 to 100 feet below the boat, then it feels like a sledgehammer hits your lure.  That’s the Lake Trout Experience in a split second. Despite being the biggest fish around, they can out-swim almost everything in the lake and when they hit a lure, they hit it hard.

    Creating Lunker Lovers

    Many of our first time clients have spent a lifetime dreaming of catching a twenty pound Lake Trout. Here at Scott fulfilling that dream is always just a cast away. A twenty pound laker (a 36″-38” fish in Scott’s waters) is not just a dream, it is a recurring reality. At Scott the sight of a Lake trout pushing 30 pounds is a daily deal, hundreds of times each season. At Scott we are guilty of helping to create a lot of Lunker Lovers.  Its the The Lake Trout Fishing Canada Experience at Scott Lake Lodge.

    Choose Your Fishing Experience

    At Scott Lake Lodge we have a wide range of world class fishing experiences. (See also The Northern Pike Experience, The Arctic Grayling Experience, The Fly Fishing Experience.)  We are proud to offer you the choice of making the experience yours by choosing your schedule and your destinations. Perhaps you are looking to knock a few items off your bucket list by landing a trophy Northern Pike or trophy Lake Trout. Perhaps you are a die hard fly fishing enthusiast and you want to target all three main species on your fly rod. Perhaps you are after the triple crown trophy experience, a trophy of each of our three main species. We have put together our Scott Lake Lodge Experience Packages with pre-built agenda and destinations. These are the starting points, a healthy suggestion of how to follow your passions while at Scott Lake Lodge. Now we want you to take our suggestions and make the plan, the experience, your own. We encourage you to begin with one of our Experiences, talk with your fishing guide, and craft your own truly memorable fishing adventure and experience at Scott Lake Lodge.


    This is another massive new lake for Scott Lake Lodge anglers. Selwyn Lake, east of Scott Lake, is one of northern Canada’s most storied lakes. It’s been producing huge Lake Trout and Pike for decades but has not been fished heavily in the past few years. In 2018 Scott Lake Lodge acquired outfitting rights to Selwyn and to an adjacent, connected lake, Shagory. Like Scott, Selwyn is bisected by the 60th parallel. The fishing in 2018 was consistent with our high expectations. While the guide team was still learning the lake, they helped their anglers tie into a tremendous number of trophy Lake Trout. It’s a long flight and not an inexpensive day but talk to your guide about taking a flight to this amazing lake.

    Lake Trout Fishing Saskatchewan


    The close by Dodge lake complex has two connected lakes with lots of interesting water. You could never see it all in a day or even in a week. This was an outpost camp in 1997 and 1998 but was opened for Scott guests in 2013. Many of the biggest Lake Trout in recent years have come out of Dodge. No one has spent much time on the connected lake, Sovereign, yet. There is still a lot of water to explore. It’s a short plane ride to the southeast.

    Lake Trout Fishing Saskatchewan


    Abitau is a first-class lake with both Lake Trout and Northern Pike fishing. It was opened as a flyout lake in 2000 and quickly became our #1 Lake Trout destination. It produced so many double-digit days that the lodge had to run a lottery to determine who could go there. As in many of our great Trout lakes, the fish there got a bit smarter and the trophy totals fell off. We gave the lake an eight-year rest and brought it back in 2016 and it produced well again. With just one boat there you will have only Lake Trout and Northern Pike for company and maybe a moose.

    Lake Trout Fishing Saskatchewan


    It’s a tough call to decide if Dunvegan is a Lake Trout lake or a Northern Pike lake . It’s been great for both species. One of Scott’s first flyout lakes, Dunvegan has provided some epic trophy Lake Trout days. There are good sized deep holes (60-70 feet) in the sandy lake bed that concentrate the Lakers, especially mid-season. As one wise guide said, “sometimes it’s a can’t miss lake”.

    Lake Trout Fishing Saskatchewan


    Wholdaia is a monster of a lake with monster fish. New in 2016 it immediately produced some very heavy fish. It is part of the famed Dubawnt River system and is so large it took all of 2016 and a chunk of 2017 to fish even half of it. After our third season we are getting a handle on this lake. We will now have five boats there so we can really cover the lake. It could well become our crown jewel in a collection of amazing gems. It is vast with so many bays and arms that getting an accurate size estimation is almost impossible, but it makes Scott or even Selwyn feel small. This lake is a Lake Trout winner.


    Lake Trout Fishing Saskatchewan

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