Beyond Fishing

Shhh… It’s a Secret

While fishing is the core experience at Scott Lake Lodge, there are many other ways to soak up the beauty of this remote paradise. For those whose first passion is not fishing the options to explore, adventure, indulge or simply relax are endless.

If paddling is your means of zen, explore the lake on one of the lodge’s canoes, kayaks or paddle boards. For those adventurous enough to cross over to Tundra Island, an interpretive trail rewards your journey. You can always request a boat ride over as well.

Everything was fantastic. There is no worry about bringing family, friends or clients to Scott Lake Lodge. Anyone would be impressed by the lodge, its staff and the fish.

Bill Sandbrook

Trying to convey the beauty of the lodge and it’s surrounding is at best difficult if not impossible.
Frimel Brothers


While few people come to Scott just to see wildlife, everyone at Scott appreciates the opportunity to view some of North America’s most rare and exotic species, as well as inspiring common ones.

The ultimate means to experience this far north scenery and wildlife while at Scott is on the Tundra Tour. This full day trip takes you into the heart of the Northwest Territories. You will fly north from the Lodge over hundreds of lakes and absolutely no sign of humanity. About a hundred miles north of Scott the trees start to melt away to reveal a vast rolling plain, a sort of North American Serengeti. The wildlife viewing, though unpredictable, can be spectacular. A flight often brings sightings of musk ox, caribou (especially later in the season), wolves, black bear and moose or even wolverine. But the animals are a bonus. The experience of flying over a pristine wilderness is the payoff.

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