Beyond Fishing

Scott Lake Lodge


It's a secret

It's not just about fishing

Scott Lake Lodge is on the edge of the largest untouched wilderness area  in the world

For those whose first passion is not fishing the options to explore, adventure, indulge, or simply relax are endless.

While fishing is the core experience at Scott Lake Lodge, there are many other ways to soak up the beauty of this remote paradise.

- Conrad Schmidt

"We are (hooked) on Scott Lake Lodge. The facilities, the food, the fun, the fishing and the staff. For our family SLL has been a steady summer fishing spot for the Schmidt family and friends for over 23 years. Fishing this lodge is a treat for Judy and I. Yes it is a special place for the gals as well. The guides are fantastic and the lakes are marvelous. Its more than just fishing its friendships and the Far North all all its splendor."

If paddling is your means of zen, explore the lake on one of the lodge's canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards.

-  Bill Sandbrook

"Everything was fantastic. There is no worry about bringing family, friends, or clients to Scott Lake Lodge. Anyone would be impressed by the lodge, it's staff, and the fish."


While few people come to Scott Lake just to see wildlife, everyone appreciates the opportunity to view some of North America's more rare and exotic species, as well as inspiring common ones.

The ultimate means to experience this far north scenery and wildlife is on the Tundra Tour. This full day trip, whic flies you north over hundreds of lakes, takes you into the heart of the North West Territories.

The wildlife viewing, though unpredictable, can be spectacular.

A flight north often brings sightings of musk ox, caribou, wolves, black bears, wolverines, and more.

-  Frimel brothers

"Trying to convey the beauty of the lodge and it's surroundings is at best difficult if not impossible."

Scott Lake Lodge