Lake Trout Fishing

At Scott Lake Lodge

Salvalinas Namaycush

"The Lake Trout has an almost fanatical following among anglers across North America" - Robert Behnke, Trout and Salmon of North America

The basic silver-sided trout of summer undergo dramatic changes as the September spawning period approaches, they add bright red/orange colouring and usually get a darker brown/gold appearance with bright spots.

Despite their size, large lake trout are among the fastest fish in the water and they can and will chase down and eat almost anything they can get their large mouths around including whitefish, lake cisco, burbot, pike, and smaller lake trout.

A voracious predator

How big is big?

There is an old adage that it takes big lakes to produce big trout and that seems to hold up. Studies have indicated the total biomass of lake trout to be around 2-4 pounds per surface area of lake. 

While the average lake trout weighs just 3-5 pounds, there are massive fish found in the far north. A few years ago a 70-pounder was caught on Tazin Lake 70 miles from Scott, and more recently a 50-pounder was caught on Scott.

There have even been lake trout of over 100 pounds netted! One on Lake Superior and one just south of Scott, on Lake Athabasca.

Why Lake Trout?

The laker is a remarkable game fish, probably the hardest fighting of all freshwater fish, and it has incredible stamina. Picture this: your heavyweight rod gripped firmly in your hands, lure dangling 40-100 feet below, when suddenly it feels like a sledgehammer hits your lure. That's the lake trout experience in an instant.

Creating Lunker lovers

Many of our first time clients have spent a lifetime dreaming of catching a twenty pound Lake Trout. Here at Scott fulfilling that dream is always just a cast away. A twenty pound laker (a 36″-38” fish in Scott’s waters) is not just a dream, it is a recurring reality. At Scott the sight of a Lake trout pushing 30 pounds is a daily deal, hundreds of times each season. At Scott we are guilty of helping to create a lot of Lunker Lovers.

Bubbles the lake trout

Head guide Cory Craig captures the love affair with lakers with this description, “big lakers are like sharks: they cruise out of the depths with their pectoral fins extended from their sides, giving them a big sweeping motion of their body, just like a shark. I even love watching bubbles pick up belly meat under my boat or even out of my hand. She sweeps in just like a scavenging shark.” Bubbles is Cory’s pet laker, a fish of around 33 inches that comes daily to the back of cory’s parked boat to get her treats.

For Lake trout fishing

What you Need

For big trout you want big baits: husky and husky jr., daredevils, 2-4 ounce jigs and super sized deep divers. The flat fish t- 60, or the largest kwick fish sort through the smaller trout. Anything with pink and pearl is a good choice for our trout. We have a good selection of these big boys in the tackle shop at camp. We also have bulk mono in a range of weights. Consider respooling at least once during your stay; the rocks are very hard on any line. Make sure your leaders (especially the snaps) are tough. We like the cross-lock snaps in heavy sizes.


Where to catch Lake Trout

At Scott lake lodge






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