Pike Fishing

At Scott Lake Lodge

Esox Lucius

We offer a variety of different entrees, but most of our anglers are after the most savage of those - the Northern Pike

With light spots over a dark background and a brilliant green to olive-green dorsal area, the northern pike is a striking fish (pun intended).

Pike are well known to attack almost anything alive including small muskrats, ducklings, loon chicks, nearly any smaller fish in the lake, and of course your lure.

A voracious predator

How big is big?

The biggest pike in the world are found in Northern Europe with fish over 50 pounds turning up in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Germany or Russia. The largest verified pike weighed in at 77 pounds

Many of our anglers from the upper Midwest grew up dreaming of 20-pound pike and at Scott that dream is just a cast away. That's about a 42-44" fish here in these waters and the biggest reeled in at our lodge was 51"!

Why pike?

For an angler the real truth about pike is simply how much fun it is to catch them. In the clear water of Scott and most of its flyout lakes, anglers usually have sight casting opportunities and it’s a thrilling experience to make the right presentation and watch a pike size up your offering, accelerate from a dead stop to 20 miles per hour in a heartbeat and crush your fly or lure.

Creating pike addicts

If you want to find yourself in an aggressive head shaking fight with a living torpedo then get a firm grip on your rod and set yourself for a battle. Pike will attack anything that looks like food with a violent rush and grab technique and then the thrashing begins. At Scott we are guilty of helping to create a lot of Pike addicts because the sight of a Pike nearly 4 feet long is a daily deal.

Pike on the fly

If you fly fish, you know that everything is amplified by the line and the 9′ rod.  A three pound fish on a spin cast rod and reel feels like more than twice that on a fly rod.  Now imagine the sensation of an angry 20 pound pike bound and determined to shake the rod from your hands.  Be prepared, when Pike get close to the boat, they usually take a run to safety and that means its time for your reel to “ZIIIIIINNNNNG” with the pull of the heavy fish.

For trophy pike fishing

What you Need

The lodge provides your rods and reels but which one you grab is entirely up to you. For pike most of our anglers pick up the open-face spinning reel, fitted out with power pro synthetic line which offers the “you feel every little bump” response. We have st. Croix heavy action rods and high end shimano reels. Or you can grab bait-casing rig or a nine weight st. Croix fly rod. Any of these weapons will bring pike to your guide’s hand. Spinners and plastic lures are the standard items to have on the end of your line but top water plugs under the right conditions (warm, calm water) can be deadly. Your guide will walk you through all the lure options.


Where to catch pike

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