Yesterday was one hell of a day at Scott Lake Lodge. We catch a lot of big fish here on the 60th parallel but July 7th was a memorable day. There were warm up big fish– a 39” and 40” lake trout landed by Adam and Jeff Quick. There were big pike too— a 44” landed by Tom Granneman; a  44.5 incher landed by Kale Manual who also got a 39.5” lake trout, and a fat 46.5” pike landed by Craig Schrader. There were the five trophy pike caught by Matt Caldwell.

And then there were the really big fish: a 48” pike (along with three other pike trophies) caught by Mark Garibaldi and a 48”pike with a 20” girth caught by Jake Guerin. Both incredible fish. But the real show stopper was the monster lake trout pulled in by Tony Blake. It pulled the tape to 46” and had an enormous girth of 27.5”—a girth way over half of the trout’s length. That’s a big fish. And he caught a 42” trout just before the real big one.  A total of 29 trophy fish were pulled into cradles and released in a single day, the first day for 26 very pumped up anglers. For some lodges a day like this would make a pretty good season. For Scott Lake Lodge it was just another day at the office, a very nice office.

July 7 pike    July 7 trout