Well friends and family of Scott Lake, discount cialis ask the last time I wrote John Gariepy, General Manager, John J-5 Wimpney, guide extraordinaire, and myself were heading up to Scott Lake to check in on the camp and set up J-5 for his month long stay by himself. (Yes, you read that last sentence right – one month, alone, on an island on the 60th parallel in January!)

Many of you are probably wondering what it’s like in the winter up there and I can say this: it doesn’t matter what time of year you go to Scott Lake, it is always beautiful. This year we had the added bonus of seeing Caribou move through every day in herds of 7 – 10 at a time. It was truly an awesome sight!
caribou crossing

Don’t worry, thanks to modern technology we check in on J-5 daily and get updates about his activities in camp. In fact, just yesterday he reported seeing a moose walk right in front of the Lodge on the ice! We have no fishing reports however, as J-5 has been busy enough just tending to the day to day routines involved in manning a camp in the dead of winter, not to mention the ambitious to-do list we left him with. But he has even found time to help out a hunter or two passing through the area. We will have more on this later, but first I have some news to share with everyone regarding the upcoming fishing season at Scott Lake Lodge.

Southbound at the Sandman in 2011

I wanted to let everyone know that we will be again using the Sandman Hotel in Saskatoon for the southbound accommodations in your all-inclusive fishing package. Several of our guests had commented less than favorably last season on the southbound hotel accommodations provided, and as we always promise, we listen to your feedback and take appropriate action so as to improve your trip!
This season upon returning to Saskatoon after the best fishing trip of your life, you will be taken to the Sandman Hotel where you will find a 24-hour Denny’s Restaurant and a little infamous bar called the Shark Club.  Between the two you will find all the food and drink you need before making your way home the next day.

Offiicial Scott Lake Lodge Facebook Page

Scott Lake Lodge has now joined the wave of social media and has recently launched an official company Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Lake-Lodge/100355913368737 Check us out on Facebook for immediate updates and all kinds of news.  Please feel free to leave any comments or pictures as well, we always love hearing from you!

Another Parent/Child Week Added

Well you would think we would be done with announcements considering it is the middle of winter but hold on because we have one more. We had previously announced a special Parent/Child Week for 2011 (August 8-14) in our Annual Report (parent books at full price and their son/daughter of any age joins them for half price).  It was wildly popular and thanks to those that took advantage of the opportunity right away, the week is now sold out!

But the good news is that we have decided to add another week with the same great deal: August 1-5. This is a four day trip which is a nice option for those that find it hard to get away for any longer.  So with this announcement I urge you, if you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, please call me soon as I don’t think these spaces will be around for much longer! (306-978-7774 or cell 306-291-4249) or reach me via email at ken@scottlakelodge.com. (Not just another sales pitch, I am serious!)

Well that wraps up this edition of news and updates from SLL.

Thanks for reading and of course as always we thank our loyal guests and friends for their repeated business and welcome our new guests to the family. I

hope you are all well and please feel free to call anytime; I would love to hear from you!