At Scott Lake Lodge our fishing is all about having fun, not setting any records. Over the years we have probably set a few International Game Fish Association (IFGA) line class records but we’re not into that. We’re into guests enjoying their experience of world class angling with opportunities for catching that fish of a lifetime. But we do keep an account of the success of each group. And our fifth group at the lodge had extraordinary success. They were so close to hitting a number we’ve never seen—200 trophies in just five days. The cool, cloudy last day dampened the surge toward that lofty number with only four trophies on the final day. But the total was still 195 trophies (an all-time record of 169 trophy pike, 21 trophy arctic grayling and a lonely five trophy lake trout). Don’t worry about that trout number. Our hot “trout season” will start in a couple of weeks. With the kind of pike fishing we had no one wanted to stop to fish deeper for lakers. We know one thing for sure: we had a lot of happy guests. Every one of our 26 guests participated in the trophy haul with an average of 7.5 trophies per guest.

Our pike were on a search and destroy mission, attacking everything that came near them. There is a measure of skill involved with both our guests and our guides, but to understand what drove this fishing bonanza one simply had to look up. In June and early July, it’s sun on the water that makes our pike go a bit crazy. The first three days of Week 5 had abundant sunshine and high temperatures. It’s no surprise that 80% of the big pike (135 of the week’s 169) were landed during those three sunny days. Our shallow, silt-bottom bays were swarming with eager water wolves, attacking our guest’s offerings—flies, spinners, plastics, anything thrown at them.

When the guides found hot spots, those spots produced in abundance. Our guests were often getting more than one big one a day: 52 times our anglers landed two or more trophy pike in a single day. Jim Kusar and Ron Juergens accomplished that feat seven times out of their ten chances and ended up with an astonishing 37 trophy pike between them. We had a lot multiple trophy days. Four trophy pike a day were taken by Andrew Troop who accomplished that twice, Christal Stover, Kevin Edwards, Nancy Wahl, Gerry O’Brien, and Ron Juergens; a five trophy pike day was enjoyed by Bruce Kozlowski, and a six-pack of big pike was taken by Ron Juergens while his fishing partner, Jim Kusar, was landing 10 trophy pike—that’s a day of fishing. On the Dubawnt River Andrew Troop had a nine-trophy arctic grayling day, getting a trophy lake trout as a bonus.

So many huge pike. The angler list is long, but each fish represents a lifetime memory. Pike of 44” were landed by Darin Lyn Williamson, Cody Slover, Christal Slover (2), Chris Harris, Larry Noesen, Jim Kusar (3), Brian Grossenbacher, Marvin Wehl and Bruce Kozlowski (2); pike of 45” were taken by Christal Slover, Marvin Wehl, Cody Slover (2), Debbie Harris, Jack Libra, Bruce Kozlowski, and Larry Noesen who along with Jim Kusar got a 46.5-incher. The top fish of the week belonged to Nancy Wehl at 47.5”, a fish that at many Canadian lodges would be the biggest of the season. This year it’s just one of many of that size. At Scott Lake we think of the “good ole days” of fishing as right now. Week 5 was one for the books.