At Scott Lake Lodge there are OK Weeks, Good Weeks, Great Weeks and Fantastic Weeks. Our Week 3 anglers who made the journey to the 60th parallel in far northern Canada had one of the latter. The week had it all: an incredible total number of fish, a very respectable number of trophy fish and most importantly an impressive number of monster fish. Our group landed fourteen pike over 44” and two lakers over 40”. For many Canadian fishing lodges that would represent a full season not five days in June.

The big fish came fast and furious, and in bunches. We had some over the top single days of fishing excitement. Like Patrick Lynch landing eight trophy pike on Wignes Lake (an adjacent lake reached from our dock); like Dave Thome putting nine huge pike in his guide’s net including a 44-, a 46.5- and a 47-incher on Wholdaia Lake; like Greg Larson bagging five trophy pike with a 44- and 45-incher on Ingalls Lake; like Rachael Bandt and her dad, Steve (AKA Big Dog) getting ten big pike on Selwyn Lake, like Rory Wright and John Kroner landing the same number on the same lake, or like Joe Novicki having another of his sensational days with five trophy pike topped by a massive 48-incher, the biggest pike of the season. So far.

The really big fish were well spread out among our angling group: Barbie and Ross Purpura, Rachael and Steve Bandt, Rory Wright, John Kroner, Hunter Larson, Greg Larson, Joe Novicki, Debbie Creigh, Boyd Meyer, Troy Phillips, Pat Lynch and Reggie Sullivan all landed pike over 44 inches. Ross Purpura got a 45, Rory Wright and Reggie Sullivan topped 46 and Joe Novicki had the 48. Everyone of our 28 guests landed at least a pair of trophy fish. We had a dozen trophy lake trout as a bonus with a 40-incher taken by Grant Larson and a magnificent 43-incher taken by Bill Calabresa.

And that’s just the fish! With a few pleasant, sunny days there were many epic shore lunches, served with skill and ceremony on rocky points throughout the 250,000 acres of the connected lakes of Scott, Wignes and Premier. And our Executive Chef always tries to outduel our guides by serving up epicurean dinners every night at Laker Lodge. And our course we have continued the long tradition of our “fish du jour” show, putting up photos of big fish, wildlife sightings or just pictures of guests caught having fun. With many of the photos of trophy fish that graced the TV screens, there were cheers and gasps. We had so many huge fish to show off. Our guests love all fish but there is a special recognition of the BIG FISH; honoring the big ones really gets the crowd going. Trophy pins were handed out left and right every evening. Our goal is always the same: having fun. That can be done with big fish, small fish, many fish or few fish. It’s all about spending time with friends and family in a spectacular corner of the world surrounded by a team that loves to define what customer service is all about. It’s all part of the summer scene at Scott Lake Lodge.