The coming of fall in the Northern Boreal forest is abrupt. Days (even hours) prior to the start of the fifteenth session of fishing at Scott Lake Lodge it was summer. 80F sunny, smoky and calm…then we heard it; Canada Geese flying by in large flocks. We knew then, it was coming. On the tails of the geese, fall came sweeping down from the Arctic Ocean. Fall here means, some fog, rain, wind and more importantly the fattest fish of the season!! Our anglers, clad in Gore Tex, fleece and stocking caps, sallied forth to do battle with the ravenous pike that inhabit our waters. Day one started with a bang for the Bixby group, Scott Bixby set the hook into a 44.5” trophy northern pike, while in the group’s other boat Kevin Moore, new to pike fishing netted a 42.5 and 45.5” giant. Will Bixby sorted through a pile of pike to tie the weeks’ largest specimen at 45.5”.

New to Scott Lake Lodge the Juergens Group of 6 are practiced pike anglers and they went to work immediately. Ron Juergens nearly ran a straight with a 41, 42, 43 and jumbo 45” fall northern pike. Jim Kusar had a hot hand this week in Biff’s boat, Jim notched 14 pike trophies with the biggest being a healthy 45”. Some friendly (although serious) family lake trout competition was afoot this week. Ed Snyder was the previous laker champion of the group, this title was however short-lived, Liz battled and landed a fat 40” trophy lake trout taking over the lead. Again, Liz didn’t have a long time with the belt, it was taken on day three by Seth with a jumbo 41”er…Seth added a 43.5” pike to his tally.

Justin and Robert Carter were up on Smalltree Lake this week and had a great day fishing for pike and grayling. Justin caught a 40.5 and a 42”er. Robert, with guide Cory were a part of the biggest fish story this week, casting a size zero Wordens Rooster Tail at the tailout of a rapid had a hit; he set the hook and what followed was twenty minutes of pandemonium! Robert had hooked into a big pike on ultra-light gear and 6lb line…in heavy current no less. With coaching from Cory, the big pike came to the cradle, hooked in the only safe place to not cut the line Robert, against most Vegas odds landed this beauty.

A growing trend this year is the day five buzzer beater, we do our best to give guests a full fifth day of fishing and it has been paying off in giant fish. This past week was no difference, Mike Strobel landed a magnum 44.5” pike on the way to shore lunch. Big trout honours went to Tim Bixby with a late in the day GIANT of a lake trout taping 43” x 25” girth!!

The group had a great time, battled some weather conditions and caught a pile of fish, and lots of big ones. They were treated to the changing of the seasons in the north country which often happens a couple of months before they would see this at home. The northern lights put on some fine night time shows and new friends were made. This week was proof of owner, Tom Klein’s popular refrain, “there are no bad days, only bad gear”. This group was prepared and we have backups ready to go to make sure everyone is comfortable and dry. A cool day with hot fishing makes the sauna or hot tub back at the lodge even more enjoyable.