The big lake trout of Scott Lake and its fly out lakes have gone on the attack! It’s downright dangerous right now to be a whitefish, a small lake trout or a spoon on the lakes of Scott Lake Lodge. While June was the month of huge fat pike, July is shaping up to be the month of monster lake trout. Every evening on the TV screen at Laker Lodge (part of our nightly “fish du jour” photo viewing of the big fish of that day) we watch guides struggling to hold up these hard fighting ‘freshwater tuna”. In our last dispatch on News From the 60th, we showed a photo of the 46X27.5” trout caught by Mark Graf in early July. It turned out that this was just the beginning of a series of fantastically heavy lakers. [singlepic id=329 w=320 h=240 float=right] We’ve had a bunch with girths of over two feet, including a pot bellied fish with a 27” girth caught by Mike Wunder on July 17. In total seventy-five trophy lake trout have been landed in just twenty days.  Of those twenty-two of these have measured 40” or greater, the mark of a real super-sized lake trout.

Some of these trout were truly memorable. We have seen a lot of fish-of-a-lifetime. Like the 44” laker caught by Loren Larson. Or the super fat 43” that ended up in the arms of John Borden’s guide. Or the 42.5 inchers taken by Matt Quick and Jason Lukert. Or the 42s by Don Rohrbauch, Kyle Mohr, Mike Wunder and Bruce Wunder. Many of these trout had tails of whitefish or other lake trout sticking right out of their mouths. These are voracious, aggressive predators. And a lot of them are now finding themselves posing for photographs with trophy hungry Scott Lake Lodge guides and their happy clients.

The big pike haven’t exactly been hiding either. In the same twenty days a total of 156 trophy pike have slid into guides’ cradles. Some notable fish: a 46.5” hog landed by Jason Lukert;  46 inchers by Tim Buzzell, Mike Babyn and Dick Hutson; 45 inchers by Sonia Miloni, Brent Laing and Mal Myers. It’s definitely been a “you should have been here” period. Mark your calendar for 2013.