The battle to get Scott Lake Lodge fully ready for the 2013 season is over: the cavalry has arrived. With the entire Scott Lake team now on the island, the remaining clean up/fix up tasks don’t have a prayer.

There are only 24 hours to go before we greet the first guests of the season and the activity level around the island is intense, but the big jobs all got done and done well. There is no sign left of the devastation that angry black bear unleashed  on Laker Lodge except for the claw marks on the ventilation fan chamber, a trophy of sorts.  The many challenges of the spring work were all met. The biggest job was the rehabbing of all the guide boats. They now look factory fresh.  Guests in Bear and Loon cabins will appreciate the expansion of those cabins. Everyone will like the new flooring in Laker Lodge and the new exterior siding on all of the lakeside guest cabins. The new spruce chips are now being spread around the trails. The place looks great. WE ARE READY!