Welcome to the Summer! Week 6 Review

Welcome to the Summer! Week 6 Review

Welcome to the Summer! Week 6 Review


Sometimes your cherished guest is late, but you will let him (or her) in the door. So, it is this season: summer was very late but we’ll let her (summer is definitely a her) in with welcome arms. Summer gave early notice of arrival on the last day of our 5th group. It was sunny and pretty nice. From the first day of our 6th group, we had full blown summer and some very serious HEAT. At last. What do people do when it’s gets warm? They go out and play. And so do fish. But pike play for keeps. They attack, savagely. Due to a long-planned Cabelas’ itinerary, this group had only four days to have fun and catch fish. They made the best of it. Everyone got into lots of pike, even our youngest angler of the season. Gavin Faggen is only nine years old. He caught his first ever pike on his first day at Scott. He caught a 45-inch monster on his third day. Now that’s a learning curve. Where does a nine-year-old newly minted trophy slayer go from here? Back to Scott Lake Lodge of course. He will probably tag a 50 incher before he can legally drink a beer.
Gavin wasn’t the only big fish player. As he always does up here, Peter Myhre just keeping getting trophy after trophy. On one of his trophy-filled days he got a pretty good poker hand—pike of 43-44-45-46 and 47 inches. Yes, all in one day. There were plenty of others holding good cards. Scott Farrow, part of the Cabela’s Signature Travel group, landed a 45” and a 46.5” pike. Brian Kozlowski got a 45 incher. Everyone of our anglers got to wear the trophy pike pin, an impressive accomplishment. The trophy count just got over the century mark, also impressive. There were many lake trout caught in shallow water but only two hit the 35” trophy mark. One, a trophy trout on the last afternoon, got Kirk Carlson his coveted trophy triple hat.
There were a few sun-burned ears and noses but that was a small price to pay for welcoming in summer. We thank the group for bring the warm of the sun and their sunny smiles.

Canada Day and the Start of Summer Fishing: Week 5 Review

Canada Day and the Start of Summer Fishing: Week 5 Review


When the calendar flips from June to July at Scott Lake Lodge, it’s reasonable to expect just about perfect summer weather—highs in the mid-to-high 70s, pleasant south or southwest breezes and lots of sunshine. Reasonable but that’s not what met our 5th group of the 2022 season. On their first morning, they were met by a stiff north wind that got bigger and colder as the day progressed. The last day of June turned into an ugly late September day. There were a lot of down jackets and stocking caps (OK watch caps or toques if you’re not from the upper Midwest) in evidence. But there was also the resilience, determination, and hope that’s in all anglers’ DNA. They met the day on even terms. The kitchen staff prepared for an influx of guests for lunch at the lodge. But noon came and went. No boats came back. Not one. The 26 guests and 13 guides were out doing what anglers do—fishing. Just three anglers landed trophy fish that day. Jay Finney somehow got three though, remarkable for the daunting conditions. We salute this hardy group.

Things got better, a lot better. By the group’s last day there was plenty of sunshine with guests and guides sporting shorts and sandals. In between those bookend days, there were wonderful shore lunches, fantastic dinners, musk ox and bear sightings, loon serenades at night, hot tub soakings, invigorating massages and yes, lots of fish. And quite a few trophy fish, 92 to be exact. That’s not a high number for this time of the season by any means. Given the conditions it was impressive, and there were some bruisers in the mix, including eight pike over 45”. John Green got three of those, two 45s and a 47. He and fishing partner Brent Laing had two remarkable days, bringing 10 trophy pike to the boat on their second day and 8 on their third. Steve Kozlowski had a four-trophy day with a 46.5” pike; Peter Leonovicz and Buce Kozlowski got 46s and Tim Delaney got the fish of the week– a fat 48. Kevin and Susan Edwards had a big day as well. Kevin landed the biggest trout of the week at 41” and added an 18” grayling, getting his Trophy Triple hat but missing the 100+Club by just a half an inch. Susan landed a 19” grayling and three trophy lake trout the same day. Everyone caught a lot of fish even if the cold front suppressed the trophy count.

So good times, good fishing and lifetime memories. The group made an excellent recovery from a tough start. In this corner of the far north, you don’t know what mother nature will hand you. But you do know that at Scott Lake Lodge you will always have a memorable experience with world class customer service. By the way, the week is already full for 2023. I guess it was a hardy crew.

Shallow Water Lake Trout on the Fly

Watch the New Fly Fisher’s visit to Scott Lake Lodge last fall. Shallow Water Lake Trout on the Fly is an extraordinary experience only possible during a couple of short windows during the year.  This is only a small portion of the footage and amazing fishing we had. Cannot wait for more shallow trout!

Find out more about Lake Trout Fishing at Scott Lake Lodge here https://www.scottlakelodge.com/canada-fishing/lake-trout/



Fly Fishing for Pike at Scott Lake Lodge

Very soon some lucky anglers are going to feel. the boat slow as they roll into a shallow bay on Scott Lake or one of its many flyouts. The wake fades and your guide starts pointing out submerged logs that he assures you are big northern pike. A fly is chosen, tied onto a titanium bite leader and a cast is made. Strip, strip, strip, pause, BOOM. The log comes to life and in a flash, your fly is gone in a puff of silt and huge boil. The fight is one and your line on the casting deck is taken in a hurry.

Whether fly fishing for pike is a lifelong addiction like many of our guests or you are picking up a fly rod for the first time. Scott Lake Lodge is a great place to do it. Lots of opportunities, our guide staff are great teachers and the chance to hook into something truly special.

Sight fishing for giant northern pike on the fly. It doesn’t get any better.


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