Some weeks at Scott Lake Lodge it just all comes together. In this space we attempt to celebrate the time our guests spend at the lodge, but we also try to tell it straight. The straight dope: it’s been the absolute worst weather year here in our 27 seasons. Lots of rain, clouds, and cool or cold north winds. Then finally in mid-August the sun comes out for five straight days (just a few storm cells—one big one—mixed in) and the Scott Lake world becomes a fishing paradise. So, lots of sun with several totally cloudless days mixed with lots of fun. Jamie and Kevin Hassett witnessed three wolverines swimming across a lake and saw a herd of muskox. Yes, that’s fun and rare. There were many guests enjoying the hot tub, sauna, a bonfire, northern lights viewing, cornhole tournaments (heavy action from the Bill Rau group), a scenic trip to spectacular Lefty Falls by the Warner group and traditions continued by many including Joel Tune and Dick Emens who have fished together at Scott for nearly two decades. We had father/sons and father/daughters and tight family groups. It was the right group at the right time: the week we had been waiting for, the lots of fish week!

Record Breaking Number of Trophy Fish

And fish? Yes, lots of fish. There was a record season total of 166 trophies landed, nicely mixed between pike, arctic grayling and lake trout. And many whoppers—fish of angler’s dreams. Six anglers entered the 100+Club, another season record: Dick Emens, Joel Tune, Bill Rau, Kevin and Jamie Hassett and Cooper Allen. Cooper’s dad, Graham, didn’t quite make the club but did get the Trophy Triple hat and he could not have been happier about that outcome. So many big fish!

Lots of Big Pike

First all the pike. Marcia Hunt whose last trip was twenty years ago got a pair of 44” pike while dad, Don Hunt, landed a 45. Richard Emens had an incredible pike trip with three 44s and three 45s. Tim Fierbaugh, Johnny Powers, Joel Tune and John Bennett all pulled 44s to the guide’s waiting net. Jamie Hasset, Bill Rau got 45s and Dave Anderson got a pair of 45s, our pike supersized standard—one was an absolute pig of a pike. Tim Fierbaugh had the top pike of the week at 46 inches.

Lots of Big Lake Trout

Then the big trout bonanza—the best crop of the season. A lake trout is one of the strongest freshwater fish. A 40” lake trout is a freight train. We had plenty of those this week. Bill Rau, Jamie Hassett and Kevin Hassett brought in 40s. Kevin added a 42. Chris Fierbaugh got a 41.5” and Tim Fierbaugh got a 41 and a 42.5-inch laker. On the last day Cooper Allen scored a fat 43, but the biggest trout of the week was Joel Tune’s 43.5” monster from Smalltree Lake which is a new lake record there.

Lots of Big Arctic Grayling

Fishing buddies Joe Tune and Dick Emens really got into the big grayling. Joel got 18 and two 19.5-inch beauties. Dick used his fly rod to get our first 20-incher of the season and added an 18 and three 19s.
When the sun hits the water of Scott Lake and our 24 flyout destinations wonderful things happen to the fish and the anglers. It was just a great week. Thanks to all our guests who enjoyed the sun, fun and fish.