Ready, Set, GO!

News from the North: the ice at Scott is getting a real beating.  It has been a relatively warm winter, even that far north, and right now the lake is getting 16 hours a day of sunlight, a number that jumps up around five minutes each day. It’s looking very good for an early ice out, allowing our staff to get the place ship shape before our first group lands at Scott on June 10. There will be plenty of daylight by then-sunrise on the 10th will be at 3:50 AM but what’s termed civil twilight starts at 2:25 AM. Those long days will give us time to do some painting and lots of clean up/fix up projects.

Scott Lake Lodge is really a small town with a summer population of around sixty. (There are quite a few towns here in Montana with a smaller population.)

Spring Cleaning on Steroids

Getting the entire infrastructure ready is no small job. And unloading and organizing tens of thousands of pounds of fuel and supplies does not happen without some tight organization and a lot of people power. We don’t have a lot of equipment at Scott-just a lot of hard working guides and maintenance staff who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and test their muscles. Watching a guide pick up a 40 HP Yamaha by himself is like watching one of those Ironman TV shows-don’t try it at home. The only lifts at Scott are called arms. But it will all get done. As soon as the spring melt gives us a hole of around 100 yards by the front docks, the Twin Otter and our dependable Beaver will start the hauling. Those birds will make the trip dozens of times before June 10th. It’s an exciting time for staff and an exciting time for our 2012 guests who know that anticipation is a big part of any expedition.

This year in keeping with our eco-philosophy we have not distributed paper copies of the Questionnaire or Kit.  However if you do not have online access or experience any difficulties in downloading the forms, don’t hesitate to call our Guest Services office in Rhinelander: 1-888-830-9525.  They will be happy to fax or mail you a copy, or simply take the info over the phone.

A Little Practice

The Scott crew is doing a lot of preparation. Our 2012 guests and anyone else going on a destination fishing trip should consider some as well.  It’s the right time of year to get out on the lawn and make a few (hundred) casts, especially if you are a fly caster. Accurate casting does not happen by accident. With the clear water of Scott sight fishing for pike (and sometimes for lake trout) is simply the way we fish. Being able to put a cast in exactly the right spot will not just produce more hits it will also provide the satisfaction of knowing you earned that fish.

It wouldn’t hurt to sharpen some hooks, and if you are bringing your own gear, put on some new line and add a coat of line dressing to your fly line. Dig out your tackle box and take inventory. At Scott we have a solid selection of lures but it is always fun to go to the tackle shop to talk fishing. Anticipation is a big part of your fishing adventure. Enjoy it.

Still Time to Book a Trip

If you don’t have your Scott Lake Adventure locked in yet there is still time, but not much.  A month ago we still had some spots in the Parent/Child August 4-9 trip but that week is now full. There are scattered spots around the calendar. Give Jon Wimpney a call at 306/520-4007 if you have the urge to head way north this summer. We have had a few cancellations and there are some deals to be had… four spots for June 30-July 5; four spots for July 5 to July 10 and eight spots for July 20-25. Give Jon a call and see if you can grab one of those.