“So, what do you do in the off-season”? It’s a question we get often. Truly, not a lot. The good news is that the off-season for Scott Lake is about 24 hours long. The day following the departure of the last anglers begins the staff shut down of the facilities, followed by a good celebration of another successful fishing season, and then the next season’s preparations begin.

Preparations Underway

While not on-site, our team has worked full-time on the many facets of a successful fishing season. The long process of hiring a few new faces by our management team is wrapping up. We don’t take this lightly and go to great lengths to find team members that we believe fit the culture of outstanding customer service and fun.  The winter and spring crews have been planning projects and procuring about 30,000 lbs of materials for flights into the fishing Lodge this winter. There are some exciting projects on tap before our guests arrive.  We have been hauling freight and plan to start making trips north in a week or two. Stay tuned for the updates from the Lodge…we will be testing a new internet system…fingers crossed!

Our staff as always are spread out across Canada from New Brunswick to British Columbia and south to Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Lots of travel, work, and ideas to bring back to the 12-acre island paradise on Scott Lake.  A lot of time in the winter for the guide team is spent in pursuit of fish. Steelhead, marlin, walleye and of course pike help feed their passion and keep them sharp for June. Until then, all are part of a massive effort in planning to get the momentum moving on countless details for 2023’s amazing fishing season.

Scott Lake on The New Fly Fishers

Watch GM Jason Hamilton chat with The New Fly Fishers Mark Melnyk about Scott Lake Lodge, the fishing, the culture and the fun. Some great videos are shown here.

How Can I Get There?

Some great news for our travelling anglers. West Jet has added new flights into Edmonton, AB direct from the US. Seattle and we suspect more notably, Minneapolis will both have direct options to Edmonton starting this spring. Along with existing direct options from Denver and Seattle we are getting back to normal travel options. You can always fly to Calgary and connect on one of many daily flights north to Edmonton. 

Ready to Book Your Trip?

Speaking with our sales manager and long-time guide Jon (J5) Wimpney, he suggests moving on the few remaining 2023 spots NOW! If you are thinking about a trip this year, get in touch right away and we can keep you up to date should any dates open up through cancellations. We are always looking for people that can travel on short notice, the fun and freedom of getting a call and being on a plane north that afternoon is something special.

Looking forward, we have had many requests for 2024 reservations already, and while we offer our ’23 guests the first right of refusal for their week, there are many eager anglers waiting to jump in.  J5 is working hard to find everyone a spot, so get ahold of him today: email  J5@scottlakelodge.com or call/text 306-206-7150.