Fall is traditionally the time for reflection. The staff at Scott Lake Lodge has done its share since leaving our island at the end of August. Those memories of seventy-six days spent in the pristine wilderness of Scott lake are still vivid and will keep us all going until we start it all again on June 10, 2012. It will be tough to match the 2011 season. It was near perfect with lots of sunshine, tons of fish, great customer/staff interaction and flawless changeovers. We thank the class of 2011 for bringing so much energy, excitement and energy into the Scott community.

Most of our guests wait with great anticipation for our Annual Report. We consider our guests to be true shareholders in this enterprise and we like to offer a comprehensive report of the season past, documenting the big fish and the good times. Our latest edition has spectacular photography and we hope some interesting commentary on the season. The 2012 edition (yes, we do jump the year ahead to give the publication a better shelf life) covers the 2011 season and it will be in your mailbox very soon. You know, you just can’t see too many big fish pictures.

While the 2012 season may seem a long way off, it’s just around the corner for our staff. General Manager John Gariepy is already deep into planning and purchasing for next season. Building a perfect operational season requires checklists longer than your arm, vendor negotiations, budget development, staff contracts, off season maintenance programs, a winter caretaking effort and of course just a lot of thinking. Staff recruiting will be a breeze this year. We expect nearly all of the 2011 staff to be back on the island next June. We understand that continuity is a critical component in any customer service business and we are proud of our staff retention record.

We suggest that our 2102 guests book early for their flights to Saskatoon. We do offer a suggestion for travel arrangements. TRAVELEX is a Chicago area based travel agency that has been handling flight bookings for Scott Lake Lodge and other Canadian lodges for twenty years. They are the only US agency that can provide a special Delta fare (called “fish fare”) for Saskatoon trips.

This fare started with Northwest and has been continued by Delta, at least for now. The savings can be substantial. The published Delta fare for the roundtrip from Bozeman, MT to Saskatoon is $740 but the fish fare is $438. This discount does vary widely by city (Chicago has a published rate of $670 and a fish fare of $588) but most tickets will be significantly less even after factoring in the $35 agency fee that TRAVELEX charges. Check online and compare pricing but give TRAVELEX a shot. Their number is 800/882-0499. You actually get to talk to someone there.

Scott’s veteran guide, Jon Wimpney, has finished up his fall walleye tournament schedule and is now full speed with booking clients, new and old, for the 2012 season. If you haven’t booked a Scott trip now, this is the time. We had great rebookings at the lodge last summer and there has been a surge this fall. Five of our trips are fully booked and many more have a half dozen or fewer spots left. The sooner you call Jon the better your options. Give Jon a call at 306/520-4007 or send him an email at

Based on demand we have added two more weeks to the 2012 season which opens on June 10 and runs until September 3rd. The later closing dates gives anglers a chance to tackle some of the smash mouth fall pike fishing and get in on the early phase of the fall trout spawning activity. If you’re ready for a Scott Adventure there is no good reason to wait. Call Jon today.

We are offering a special week for the special father/son, father/daughter, mother/son or mother/daughter bonding opportunities that Scott Lake Lodge trips always bring. In fact we will even stretch this into a grandparent/grandchild deal. (If we’ve missed any combinations here let us know.) We will provide a 25% discount for lucky youngster, whatever his or her age. Ask Santa and who knows, if you’ve been extra good this year you might just find a Scott Lake luggage tag in your stocking!

On October 15th Scott’s General Manager John Gariepy landed his best trophy in years-Cohen David Gariepy, a solid 8 pounder. With two boys and girl John and Linsy now have a full boat of future anglers. Mother and son are doing well. And so is the proud papa. Our best wishes go out to the expanding Gariepy clan.