For the team at Scot Lake Lodge and for many of our valued customers the most important holiday of the year is the one that starts with their first step off the floatplane at Scott Lake. But we hear that there are a few other Holidays during the year, like the ones called Christmas and Hanukkah. All of us at Scott wish all of our customers and fans the very best this Holiday Season. Without the support of our many “Scott regulars” there would be only coal in the Scott Lake stocking instead of 350 deposits for 2013, a record for this date. We thank all our customers for their incredible level of support and their friendship. We will do everything in our power to honor that trust. Our goal is to make 2013 the year when our customer service takes another step forward. The season at Scott is shaping up to be one of the busiest of our seventeen year history. Currently 11 of our 18 trips for the 2013 fishing season are sold out and most of the other seven are going fast. We look forward to welcoming our first timers to Scott as well as welcoming back our many repeat enjoyers who keep proving that the Scott Lake Experience is dangerously addictive.

winter lights