That time of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving is right in front of us and Christmas just around the corner. For most of our guests living in the northern half of the continent there is no need for a reminder: winter is here.

For all but the hardiest of anglers, the 2019 fishing season is now just a collection of memories (we hope those memories are of huge pike engulfing your lure or fly right at the side of the boat.)  But unless you have a saltwater trip on your agenda, those memories will have to get you through the months ahead of cold and snow, something that’s been the norm at Scott Lake Lodge for quite a few weeks now.  Watching satellite images, we can see that Scott Lake froze up shore to shore on November 2 this year, giving the fish a long break until our 2020 anglers start casting on open water again on June 9. Our hard fighting fish deserve a break.
Until next year.
A few of them may get some exercise this winter, though, when the construction crews arrive in January and break out the augers for a bit of ice fishing. Then again in late April when another crew heads north to put the finishing touches on the 2020 projects. Our team is as crazy about fishing as they are about sharing this part of the world with you.

Speaking of our team, we are happy to announce that the full guide staff is returning along with nearly all of the shore staff . . . they must like it here. We attribute that dedication and loyalty to the unique culture that has evolved on our island among the guests and staff. This is just a fun place to be!

With the kickoff of the holidays we want to thank all of our 2019 customers for another fantastic season. Without your support, commitment and friendship, we simply would not be able to pull this off. Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends and don’t forget to tell them some fish stories. Send them our way if you think they would enjoy the Scott Lake Experience!

It’s Time to Book for 2020

This year a record number of guests chose to book again for 2020 before leaving the lodge, a feather in the cap of the staff and a testament to their hard work. We appreciate the trust of these “Scott Lake Regulars”.

It’s our Sales Manager’s job to keep Scott Lake Lodge full. Jon Wimpney who also guides for 85 straight days every season has done a fantastic job, selling out the place almost every year. This year should be a slam dunk. When the season ended, we already had 82% of our 2020 capacity sold. But that still gives you a lot of room to plan your fishing adventure.

Holiday Incentive

Receive a $500 flyout credit for your trip if we receive your deposit by December 1st.
(New reservations only.)

Call Jon Now: 306-209-7150