It’s amazing how quickly another year has passed. The holidays are a time to reflect, spend time with loved ones and celebrate the year that was. If you are receiving this email, there is a good chance tales of fishing and adventure on the 60th parallel enter the conversation.

We can just imagine the scene…a favorite beverage, the family gathered together, phones full of photos passed around for all to enjoy…maybe the globe (or Google Maps) comes into play. Scott Lake Lodge is truly a special place, the culture and relationships built here are incredible. It’s tough to explain, but so many of our guests do an amazing job. How do we know? They come back! They bring friends and their family. A trend that we are so proud of is the number of folks that come up “fishing with the guys”, and then think this remote fishing camp would be a great place to bring my wife and family. The hard work over many years to improve all facets of the lodge and make it more comfortable and inviting to all has paid off. We aren’t done.

The Scott Lake team has big plans for 2024 and beyond to enhance our offering and continue toward our goal of providing the best lodge fishing experience in North America. There are more cabins to renovate (Bear is next on the list for a nice facelift.) More pilot/staff accommodations to build, more fuel tanks to chopper in, and new boats and motors to add to the fleet. The work doesn’t stop, even over the holiday season. Our staff is a little more spread out, but we continue to work toward these projects. For 100 odd days, our team is concentrated on a 12-acre island, living and working together closely. Over the holidays they celebrate Christmas across Canada (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick) and in the southern climes of the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nicaragua. But the pull of the north always draws them back to Scott each spring.
As we pass through the shortest day of the year, we look forward to June when we spend the longest day of the year in 24 hours of sunlight at the lodge with you. From our family to yours, we want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays and the very best for 2024. We hope you can join us for some fishing and fun on the 60th!

Winter Plans

We have lots on the docket for this winter. First up, we will be at the Dallas Safari Club sportshow January 11-14th. Stop by and visit us at booth #2019 if you are in the area. We would love to catch up. Dani and Amelia will be hosting a Women’s Lunch on Saturday, January 13. If you are interested, email Dani for all the details.

Next up are some trips to the lodge to move fuel tanks and bring in all sorts of construction materials. These are tough but fun trips, landing the plane with skis on the frozen lake, wading through waist-deep snow, digging into the cabins, and hauling 5 or 6 tons of materials around the island.

Meanwhile, some of our hospitality team will be expanding their wine acumen and seeking out new offerings for our wine list.

Coming Attractions

Scott Lake, which straddles the SK/NWT border, sits in one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in the world. Travelling across the 500 miles from the lodge to the arctic ocean, there is nothing…well, almost nothing. As you fly north the black spruce thins, shrinks, and then outright disappears…you’ve entered the tundra. A wonderfully diverse ecosystem which holds some of the Earth’s most recent shaping by the receding glaciers, the mountains of ice left behind rocks, hills and most importantly lakes. We have been fortunate to acquire Tukto Lodge and the rights to fish some barely touched northern gems, Mosquito and Dubawnt Lakes. They are far off, full of giant lake trout, arctic grayling, and wildlife.

We have recently added a Cessna Caravan to our aviation program which will greatly enhance our ability to bring adventurous anglers swiftly and safely to these new waters.  Are you ready to explore with us?  We can’t wait to welcome you aboard.

Give the Gift of Adventure

Imagine surprising your family with a truly unique Canadian wilderness fishing trip: first-class accommodations, exquisite dining, amazing fishing, and unmatched customer service. Our team of veteran professionals are ready and waiting to provide an experience that you just need to tell your friends about. If this sounds up your alley, we implore you to get in touch with sales manager Jon Wimpney (306-219-7150 call/text) now.  There very few openings remaining for 2024 as our guests chose to rebook in record numbers. But Jon will work his magic to get you in for 2024 or 2025. We don’t want you to miss the chance to share this adventure with us.