I can’t begin to express how nice it is to get back to the island. Myself and small, excited crew touched down on Scott Lake on the first of June to temperatures in the 70’s. The ice had retreated enough around the island to just get the Beaver down and to the dock. Since then, 18 round trips with the Beaver has brought in groceries, fuel, supplies, pop, and of course the beer. At 1300 lbs a trip, the crew have been kept rather busy, smiling the entire time. With all of our supplies in place, we are turning to preparing the island and boats for the arrival of our first group of guests on the 10th.

While the weather had cooled down considerably, some steady winds have beat the ice back to almost completely open water. The forecast looks great for the following week, the lake will be wide open, and the fly outs will be ready to go. I am looking forward to having guests back on the island and running the finest fishing program on the continent. The 10th can’t come quick enough.

See everyone on the dock!