Just in time for the shopping season opener, our professional guide team has your back.  We’ve assembled a gift list that will make your angler smile.  It might even save you enough time to wet a line yourself, or do whatever brings you joy.

#10 Waterproof Duffel Bag

A bag like this will save you grief traveling the world over. They are easier to pack on small planes and protect your gear from rain, unplanned dips and everything else an adventure might throw at it. As you trek to remote parts of the world chasing fish baggage carousels tend to be replaced by patches of gravel beside the plane.  Simms, Patagonia, North Face and Cabelas all make solid versions.

#9 Gloves

Fingerless, waterproof, insulated.
Gloves for fishing in Canada need a 1,2 punch. In the north the weather can change in an hour. You need a couple of options: fingerless lightweight sun gloves for those sunny days or just cool weather and for the really cold and wet days a waterproof glove to keep you warm and dry, yet still able to reel in a fish.  We like the SolarFlex SunGlove from Simms or the Catalyst Soft Shell Glove from First Lite.

#8 Handwarmers

Throw a couple in your gift package to take the chill off hands on cold days.

7. Multitool

With a knife, pliers, small scissors, awl and more there are infinite uses in the boat, rigging rods or opening a nice bottle of Cab Sav. Some of the best are made by Leatherman and Gerber,

6. Waterproof Case

Protect your phone, iPod and wallet from the rain and weather. Hard to beat Pelican in this department.

5. Battery Pack

Keep your phone, camera, music or whatever you need rolling with a rechargeable power pack. These can be charged in your cabin and keep you powered up for video action of wildlife or a big fish.  We use the Goal Zero Venture 30.

4. Rubber Boots

Everyone needs a pair of dependable boots. If Scott Lake is the destination there is no need to bring waders, we have them. For most trips there is no need to bring knee high boots either. A low cut option will keep you dry and make for a lot easier packing.  Can’t go wrong with Simms Riverbank Chukka.

3. Good Quality Rain SUit

We are constantly shocked to see guests arrive on a northern Canadian fishing trip with low quality, ineffective rain gear. Gore-Tex and Toray are the fabrics you need in your suit…yes a suit (bibs and a parka.) The difference between catching fish while being comfortable or miserable is an extra few bucks. Rain gear is the place to treat yourself and a good suit will last you a lifetime. Retreat it with Revivex which maintains the water repellent coating. Simms, Patagonia, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops and Helly Hansen all sell the good stuff.

2. Polarized Sunglasses

In our professional opinion, a quality pair of polarized sunglasses should be at the top of your gift list (you can give a pair to yourself you know). Costas are probably our guide team’s top choice, but Smith Optic and Oakley make great glasses as well. It’s not a bad idea to have a less expensive pair though as a back up.

1. All-Inclusive Trip to Scott Lake Lodge

What better place to test out your new wares then Scott Lake Lodge?  Trophy pike, giant lake trout and arctic grayling all set to a backdrop of 15 million acres of unspoiled, exclusive use fishing area. Not to mention the private accommodations, luxury lodge, spa, gourmet cuisine. We are certainly proud of our fishery and facility but mostly of our staff, who we know without a doubt provide the finest level of customer service in the industry.

Break in that new gear at scott lake!