Big Northern Pike T Bones a Smaller one

Have a look at what northern fishing is like at a pristine Canadian Fishing Lodge. Trophy northern pike eating smaller specimens right off your hook? This takes sight fishing up a notch!! You see the pike, cast, watch him eat and set the hook…all of the sudden the it feels like you’re hooked on the bottom. The food chain unfolds before your eyes! What a story to share at happy hour in the lodge!

Why the Bunny Leech is the Perfect Northern Pike Fly

Why the Bunny Leech is the Perfect Northern Pike Fly

If you took a survey of what was tied onto fly rods in guides boats at Scott Lake Lodge this would account for 90% of the flies. Simple, easy to tie and effective. The bunny strip moves with the slightest twitch begging to be eaten, even by a pike with the a whitefish tail sticking out of its mouth.

Sight-casted it offers a fine contract to the silt covered bottom of the pike bay, easy for the angler to track and easy for the fish.

Short strips, pauses and a painfully slow sink even on a tieable wire leader are the cause of many “bow wakes” from giant northerns in skinny water.