Scott Lake Lodge's Stone Haven Spa

Being in a near constant tug of war with the fish in Scott Lake and our 22 other flyouts lakes can take a toll. An easy way to keep in top fishing form is a visit to the Stone Haven Spa, where our onsite Massage Therapist will loosen up any fishing injuries you might accrue.

Deep tissue, hot stone and Swedish techniques are all employed to help you stay limber and relaxed for the next day’s adventure.

Hot stones therapy

Stone therapy is a one of a kind experience with nature, offering a sense of awareness and sacredness that we too often overlook. The deep therapeutic healing and unique movement of the hot stones brings us closer to our true essence.

Stronger pressure is used with this elaborate massage along with elbows and forearms to achieve a truly effective deep tissue massage. It is designed to address deeper layers of muscle tissue which have become tense, causing chronic pain and injury.

Deep tissue massage

Paraffin is a heat treatment that offers fast acting, penetrating heat therapy. The warm paraffin is proven to be effective to soothe pain and stiffness of arthritis, inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, dry/cracked skin and more. It is very effective after a long day of fishing.

Parafin therapy

A woodfired sauna in the fitness center is a guest favourite. Some water on the hot rocks and a good sweat will have you refreshed and ready for fishing. Are you up to a polar plunge? Out of the sauna and right into the lake. Your guide can radio ahead we will have the sauna hot for your return to the island.