FLy Fishing

At Scott Lake Lodge

At Scott Lake Lodge we consider fly fishing as a combination of science and poetry.  The skill, precision, and rhythm of the casting motion. The careful fly selection. The art of the presentation.  It’s a combination of talents to put the right fly in the right place at the right time.

FLy Fishing for Northern Pike

Most Pike fishing at Scott Lake Lodge is done in relatively shallow waters, an ideal setting for fly fishing. A heavy weight rod (8 or 10 weight) and a steel leader with a streamer fly and you are on your way.

Make sure your boots are tied on and you have a firm grip on the rod.  When a 40 inch pike slams your streamer and starts head shaking, you want to make sure you hold on for the rest of the battle.

While Laker Trout can be targeted on the fly all season long, spring and fall are prime time to toss fur and feather to shallow trout. In the spring, lake trout are up cruising shallow sand drop offs or even in pike bays!

Fly Fishing for Lake Trout

As waters cool into fall, trout again come shallow…this time with spawning on their mind. Targeting trout on the shallow reefs is a sight to behold; hundreds of trout of all sizes in a melee of fins and tails chomping aggressively at passing flies.

Fly Fishing for Arctic grayling

Armed with a light weight fly rod (4 wt), standing waist deep in a flowing river, get ready for an acrobatic battle as you cast to these spectacular fish.

Once you pull on your waders and take your turn at fly fishing for Arctic Grayling in Northern Saskatchewan, you will have a new definition for the epitome of fly fishing.


Where to Fly Fish

At Scott lake lodge



Lefty falls








FLy fishing at wholdaia

New to the lodge in 2016, we have found success fly fishing this destination for pike, grayling, and even lake trout. It is part of the famed Dubawnt River system and is so large it took all of 2016 and a chunk of 2017 to fish even half of it. After five seasons, we are getting a handle on this lake and it’s many hot spots. It could well become our crown jewel in a collection of amazing gems. It is vast with so many bays and arms (sounds like a Fly Fishing dream doesn’t it?) that getting an accurate size estimation is almost impossible, but it makes Scott or even Selwyn feel small. This lake is a fly fishing buffet

FLy fishing at lefty falls

Shown on some maps as Hunt Falls, Lefty Falls by any name is one of the most beautiful places in Canada (yes, that’s saying a lot). In addition to having the serenity and solitude of a national park quality setting, Lefty offers first rate Arctic Grayling fishing. The Grease River here is fast but with enough pools to provide wonderful fly fishing. Lefty typically produces great numbers but not necessarily our biggest Grayling. Twenty inchers are possible but rare: a great angling experience is standard. Many Scott customers do a half day at Lefty and fish Scott for the balance of the day. If you love fly fishing and are one of those enlightened souls who love Grayling you will want to spend a full day.

Fly fishing at ivanhoe

This is another Triple Crown potential lake. Imagine Pike, Grayling, and Lake Trout all on the fly, all in one day!  Ivanhoe has always been the Pike lake by which we measure the rest: it’s our gold standard. It is a big lake though, you will not see more than half of the lake in a full day. The action is usually fast and it consistently produces a lot of trophies. It has great shallow bays for early season and lots of cabbage beds for mid to late season (doesn’t that sound like Pike on the Fly Paradise?). One large hole near the landing zone can produce trophy Lake Trout. The Arctic Grayling fishing is excellent and just a 20-minute warm up hike away. Ivanhoe has lots of interesting topography and a beautiful waterfall at the south end, a great setting for your fly fishing pictures.

Fly fishing at sandy

When you think Sandy, think about one of our top big Northern Pike producers. Now think about that big Northern Pike thrashing away with your fly in it’s mouth. Sandy is part of the Dubawnt River system, it’s a shallow lake with lots of aquatic vegetation, an ideal place for jolting strikes and lots of Pike. Sandy has the famed (at least famous to Scott Lake guides) football and soccer fields–huge cabbage patches which are prime in July and August. For June it has some deadly good shallow bays. And, during the lower water levels of July and August, it has solid Arctic Grayling fishing at the outflow which, at the right water levels, can be fished right from the boat or with a short walk in waders.

Fly fishing at insula

One of our newest lakes, set up in 2016, Insula is a Northern Pike lake, pure and simple. This is a great flyout lake if you want lots and lots of Pike on the Fly action. The Insula story is one of an incredible number of 35-38” aggressive Pike. In 2017, two anglers landed around 200 fish by lunch and were too tired to fish any more: they came home early. Days of 100 + Pike are common. The Pike action here can sometimes be described only as fantasy fly fishing. If you want fast action and “easy” fishing this is your lake. Though known for fast pike action, Scott guides have discovered a substantial population of good sized Lake Trout that adds to any Insula day.

fly fishing at smalltree

The most Northern of our flyouts, Smalltree is a fly fishing heaven. It is another opportunity to hook Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling and Lake Trout on a fly rod, all in the same day on the same lake.  It has become for many of our guides the “go to” lake for trophy Pike. Smalltree is blessed with an abundance of cabbage and other aquatic vegetation that concentrate Pike ajd two quality Lake Trout holes as well. It also has one excellent Arctic Grayling spot, where some of our biggest Grayling are taken, at the outlet, a boat ride of about 25 minutes with lots of big Pike spots on the way. There have been many Trophy Triple days here and even some 100+Club days—a “Done-in-One” experience. 

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