The  DIning Experience

At Scott Lake Lodge

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

The staff

work tirelessly to ensure all your meals live up to the high standards they have set for themselves. Breakfast, lunch on the shore, and dinner.

Lined Circle

Our executive chef is committed to bring you the freshest, most sumptuous dining experiences.

Delicious made-to-order hot breakfast is served every day. Heartly, wholesome menu items are customized to your dietary needs and preferences.


Each day your guide will display his culinary talents at shore lunch. If you have a preferred shore lunch menu or cooking style please let your guide know so he can adjust his meal preparation accordingly. 

shore lunch

Full-service dinner begins at 7:00pm each evening, house wine during dinner is complimentary. Staff and guests dine together, so you can have dinner with your guide, any of the staff members, or your own group.


You will be amazed by the quality and variety of cuisine, completely unaware of the logistical challenges overcome in bringing the culinary expressions to your table.

The Last Cast is our fully stocked cash bar where you can unwind after a long day on the water and share tales from the greatest catches with fellow anglers.


One of the many reasons you'll love your time off the water at Scott Lake Lodge too.