Winter Watch at the Lodge

Scott Lake’s winter Iron Man, cialis usa cialis sale guide Jon “J5” Wimpney has just wrapped up his final month of winter watch at the Lodge. He survived, no doubt very glad to see that ski plane arriving to bring him southbound.  Here is a brief reporting of his experience; the rest of the story will be told in the boat and around the fire pit throughout the summer.

This year’s caribou migration was much larger than normal and plenty of local hunters passed through the frozen landscape surrounding our island on their way to the various trapping cabins of the North.  On any given day there were groups of 10-50 animals migrating right past the Lodge.  Of course that meant the wolves were following close behind in this primordial cycle of predator and prey.  According to Jon it was like watching the BBC’s show “Planet Earth” or any Nat Geo TV show, except minus the TV.  This version was completely unstaged, without cameras, lights or background music; just the raw reality of the natural world playing out its seasonal sequence, no commercial sponsors required.  That’s just one of the ways to pass time at Scott Lake in the dead of winter, living on the 60th parallel at the cusp of one of the most remote and wild places left on Earth.  Of course J5 managed to fit in a bit of ice fishing as well, and don’t forget to ask him about his newfound nickname: “Coffee Jon”.

Coffee Jon did report that the melt was on in full swing by the time he left the Lodge.  With thinner than normal ice and some kind temperatures we are looking to be in great shape for an on time ice out at the end of May.  Let’s all think warm.

2011 Adventure Kit Now Online

A reminder to all of our 2011 guests to please fill out your Pre-Trip Questionnaire as soon as possible and return to us.  This year you can “go green” and use our online form for the most efficient and ecological delivery.

If you are a new guest, you will receive a packet in the mail containing hard copies of the forms which can be faxed or mailed back to us.   However if you prefer the paperless route we also have all of the information you need on our website Travel Info page (accessible from the top navigation bar.)  You can skim through the recent changes or download the full 2011 Adventure Kit booklet in PDF format, which contains everything you ever wanted to know about packing and preparing for your upcoming fishing trip in paradise.

If you are a new guest we ask that you complete both a Pre Trip Questionnaire and a Fishing Preferences form.  (These are on the front and back side of the paper copy.)  But if you are a returning guest you only need to submit a Pre-Trip Questionnaire with the necessary travel itinerary information (unless of course you have specific fishing preferences you would like to communicate to your guide – in which case please do use the Fishing Preferences form.)

As we strive to provide you with the best possible fly in fishing experience, please help us by submitting your critical arrival itinerary information and any special requests promptly so that they can be distributed to the appropriate departments.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Last Call

It has been a wonderful booking season for Scott Lake Lodge this year.  We want to thank all of our 2011 guests for supporting Scott and keeping this most interesting enterprise alive and well.

The tough year of 2010 and its shortened season is behind us and we are back to 76 days of operation with currently an impressive 95% occupancy.  But, of course, we really want to be at 100%.  It’s our tradition at Scott.

If you want to be one of the lucky last 5% give owner Tom Klein a call ASAP at 406-539-5245 or send him an email.  The remaining available spots are scattered throughout the season for 2-4 guests but for any group over 4 anglers the only week left is the recently added August 18-24 trip.  That week will wrap up our fishing season and offers a bonus 6 days of fishing for the price of 5.

If you snooze, you lose.  We will fill up.  Make sure your name is on our manifest for an unforgettable fishing trip this summer.

The entire staff and I look forward to greeting you on the dock!