Smalltree Lake

Scott Lake Lodge

Smalltree Lake is our northern-most flyout; a 45 minute flight takes you to the land of "small trees" and a hint of true tundra

Smalltree has produced a tremendous number of trophy Northern Pike and many memorable trophy days over the past decade or so

Smalltree is blessed with an abundance of cabbage and other aquatic vegetation that concentrate Pike. You can find Pike in literally inches of water here in the early season

A morning full of successful fishing means it's time for an amazing shore lunch

Smalltree also has two quality Lake Trout holes, as well as a great spot for Arctic Grayling at the outlet

There have been many Trophy Triple days here, and even some 100+ Club days, making Smalltree a true "done-in-one" experience

After a great day fishing Smalltree Lake it's time to head back for a relaxing evening at the lodge