Selwyn Lake Flyout

Scott Lake Lodge

Most days at the lodge start with a flight to the day's fishing spot. Today's flight is a longer than most but well worth it. We're heading to one of the lodge's newer spots, Selwyn Lake

Selwyn is one of Northern Canada's most storied lakes and has been producing massive Northern Pike and Lake Trout for decades

Scott Lake Lodge acquired the outfitting rights to this huge lake in 2018 - at that time some parts of the lake had barely been fished at all in decades

The south-west arm of the lake in particular, being a long boat ride from the now closed Selwyn Lake Lodge, has been fished very lightly in recent years and produces some monster fish

While our guides were still learning the lake themselves. they helped their anglers reel in a tremendous number of trophy Northern Pike and Lake Trout

Just like the lake itself, the fish you can reel in at Selwyn are massive

One of our guides has also found an excellent spot for some Arctic Grayling fishing

We like to take a break for a shore lunch to enjoy the spoils of our hard work

The shore lunch isn't the only good food on the menu. Some great dining is offered back at the lodge as well

It's a longer journey from the lodge, and not an inexpensive day, but ask your guide about taking the flight to this amazing lake