Sandy Lake

Scott Lake Lodge

A typical day at Scott Lake Lodge begins by boarding a plane to get to the fishing site - today we are heading to Sandy Lake

Upon landing, 104 km later, there are boats ready to take us to where the fish are plentiful

For years, Sandy Lake has been one of our top producers of big Northern Pike

The waters here are fairly dark, so sight fishing is not part of the package, but there are lots of pike and they let you know when you've got one on the hook

After a morning full of successful fishing, it's time for a delicious shore lunch

During the lower water levels of July and August, Sandy lake has solid Arctic Grayling fishing at the outflow which, at the right water levels, can be fished right from the boat or with a short walk in waders.

If you enjoy fly fishing, you'll love catching these arctic grayling

After a great day fishing Sandy Lake it's time to head back to the lodge