labyrinth Lake

Scott Lake Lodge

Before hopping on the plane in the morning be sure to get some rest the night before in the comfort of your room, or in the lounge visiting with other guests

After a good nights rest we board a plane to get to the fishing site - today we are heading to Labyrinth Lake

The flight to Labyrinth is a longer one, so be sure to sit back and enjoy the beautiful views

Labyrinth has long been one of our most dependable locations for trophy Arctic Graylling

There are Arctic Grayling runs at both the inflow and outflow of the lake, a quick 10 minute hike will get you to either one

Labyrinth is also known for is its particularly fat, girthy Northern Pike

There are some classic early season Pike fishing bays on this lake, as well as some prime cabbage beds for late July and August

After a great day fishing Labyrinth Lake it's time to head back to the lodge