Ivanhoe Lake

Scott Lake Lodge

A typical day at Scott Lake Lodge begins by boarding a plane to get to the fishing site - today we are heading to Ivanhoe Lake

Ivanhoe is a very large lake. You won't see more than half of the lake in a full day, but you'll be so busy that it won't matter

Though Ivanhoe has not produced our largest Northern Pike, the action is usually fast and it does produce a lot of trophies

Ivanhoe has always been our gold standard, the pike lake by which we measure all the rest

It has great shallow bays for early season and lots of cabbage beds for mid to late season

While the lake is known for its Northern Pike, it also has other types of fish. One large hole near the landing zone can produce some trophy Lake Trout

If you are willing to take the 20 minute walk it requires, the Arctic Grayling fishing is excellent as well

Ivanhoe is probably our most photogenic lake, with lots of interesting topography and a beautiful waterfall at the south end