Ingalls Lake

Scott Lake Lodge

A typical day at Scott Lake Lodge begins by boarding a plane to get to the fishing site - today we are heading to Ingalls Lake

Ingalls is a huge lake, rivaling even Scott Lake in both size and complexity

Ingalls was a new lake back in 2013 and has been a sensational spot for Northern Pike since day one

There are many stories of a Pike in these waters well beyond 50 inches, seen but not yet caught. Maybe you will be the angler to reel in this legendary fish

With great fishing comes great eating, and the shore lunches on any of our lakes are top notch

This lake also features some great Lake Trout holes

If you enjoy Arctic Grayling, Ingalls has a spot for that as well

With options for Pike, Trout, and Grayling there just don't seem to be many slow days on Ingalls

After a great day fishing Ingalls Lake it's time to head back to the lodge