Lefty Falls

Scott Lake Lodge

Today our plane is taking us to Lefty Falls. Upon landing there is a steep 15-20 minute hike to the falls.  If you are not in reasonable shape you may want to try your hand at another spot for Arctic Grayling - the rocks here are very slippery and can make balancing quite difficult


The falls are a spectacular place, officially listed as one of Saskatchewan's "Seven Wonders". Picture a national park without any handrails, signs, or other people.

Fishing a spot like this on your own, or with a group of up to 6, is a solitude you can't find anywhere south of the border

The grayling action can be sensational here, especially during mid and late season.

It's like fishing a western trout river, but with a lot more fish and no other anglers

After a great day fishing Lefty Falls it's time to head back to the lodge

We return to our cozy, welcoming rooms, ready to relax for the night

You can also enjoy a drink or two at The Last Cast