Abitau Lake

Scott Lake Lodge

A typical day at Scott Lake Lodge begins by boarding a plane to get to the fishing site - today we are heading to Abitou Lake

The flight to Abitou is a quick 76 kilometers and well worth every bit

Abitou was opened as a flyout lake in 2000 and quickly became our top destination for massive lake trout

In fact, it produced so many double-digit days that we had to run a lottery to determine who got to go

Over the years, the fish here got a bit smarter and the trophy totals fell off, but we gave the lake a rest and it has been producing well again since 2016

While the lake trout are what Abitou is famous for, there are also some great northern pike in these waters

After a great day fishing Abitou Lake it's time to head back to the lodge

Upon returning to the lodge, we settle in at The Last Cast and unwind for the night