What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Well the holidays are over and now its time to think about, viagra sale unhealthy what else, buy viagra fishing! I hope all of you had great Christmas and New Years’ celebrations and I wish you all the best in 2011!  With the new year of course come New Year’s Resolutions. Many people set highly unreachable goals like “I will lose fifty pounds this year!” or “I am going to work out every day!”.  I personally do not like setting myself up for failure, so instead I make resolutions like this:  “I am going to fish more this year!” or even more dangerously, “I am going to catch a 50 pound lake trout this year!”.  See where I am going with this?  Make your goals not only attainable, but fun to reach and that’s where Scott Lake comes in.

If you have promised yourself more fishing, more time off, more quality time spent with your spouse, or simply more time having fun this year, we can help!  But you might want to hurry. Thanks to some recent positive economic news and probably a lot of “I just have to get back to Canada this year” we are filling up very quickly. We have bookings already that far exceed last season’s totals and are headed back into pre-recession territory. If this is your time to get back into the Canadian fishing tradition, call me soon: (306-978-7774 or cell 306-291-4249) or reach me via email at ken@scottlakelodge.com.

Winter Work Crew Heads North

It’s deep winter of course on the 60th parallel but that does not mean nothing is happening at Scott Lake Lodge. Every year three brave men face the elements of nature and head up to Scott Lake in January with one simple mission: fishing. (Just kidding, the owner would never put up with that if he wasn’t with us.)

This year those three men will be General Manager, John Gariepy, guide, Jon “J-5” Wimpney and myself. We are going up to the Lodge to do our annual mid-winter camp check up and to perform some critical winter work as well. Lots of trees will fall, providing firewood and the raw material for the wonderful spruce chips that cover all our walkways. With the days being as short as they are up there right now, it is hard to get in a full day’s work, but accomplishing anything under those extreme conditions is a full day’s work!  After about a week, John Gariepy and I will head back to civilization and leave J-5 behind to tend to the camp on his own.  Brave man. . . foolish, but a brave man!  I will be sending out another update upon our return hopefully with stories of northern lights, caribou and maybe even a 50 pound trout.

This is a year to be optimistic. And I am heading north full of optimism about this next season and all the seasons beyond. I fully expect another summer of warm and pleasant weather. I don’t know why of course; I just believe it. This is shaping up to be a great year. We will probably have a full house every week; the buildings and grounds are in their best shape ever, thanks to a lot of hard work last fall and most importantly nearly the entire Scott staff have signed up for another season in paradise.

I just can’t wait for June. I can feel that big pike on the end of my line right now. If you want to join me in that feeling, give me a shout. I would love to hear from you. Even at the Lodge I will have my computer up and cooking. And I will also have my sat phone available. I’ll give you a call from the 60th parallel and maybe put a caribou on the line.

Hope to see you this summer.